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Countries That Start With The Letter S

There are 27 countries that start with the letter S.

A country can be a separate national region, either politically sovereign or occupied by another state. Therefore, countries represent divisions and are used to identify one state from another. Countries also help in the geographical identification of various regions in the world. Globally, there are many countries with different names. These names start with different alphabetical letters. Here are the 27 countries in the world starting with letter “S”:

Countries That Start with the Letter “S”

Saint Kitts and Nevis is a country located in the midst of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The country is composed of two islands, and it has many beaches and mountains. Another country is Saint Lucia, which is found on the eastern side of the Caribbean Sea bordering the Atlantic Ocean. Saint Lucia shares its borders with countries such as Saint Vincent, Barbados, and Martinique to the north, northwest, and south respectively. There is also a country called Saint Vincent and the Grenadines located at the Lesser Antilles Island. The country lies in the Windward Islands to its southern part, which is adjacent to the Caribbean Sea. It consists of many islands, Grenadines, and the mainland of Saint Vincent.

Furthermore, countries such as Samoa, San Marino, Saudi Arabia, and Sao Tome and Principe add to the list. Samoa’s capital city is Apia and is made up of islands, mainly Upolu and Savaii Islands. Samoan people speak Samoan language. San Marino, on the other hand, is an independent country within Italy and is found in the Italian Peninsula. Sao Tome and Principe is also an independent country located in Africa. The country is made up of two islands, Sao Tome and Principe. Saudi Arabia is another country starting with letter “S” and is located in Asia. It is an independent state mainly inhabited by Arab speaking people.

Senegal, Serbia, Seychelles, and Sierra Leone are also among the countries staring with “S.” They are located on different continents, Senegal, Seychelles, and Sierra Leone being in western part of Africa while Serbia is in Europe. Senegal and Sierra Leone are on the mainland while Seychelles is an island country in the Atlantic Ocean. Other countries include Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, and the Solomon Islands. Slovakia and Slovenia are in Europe while Singapore is situated in Asia. The Solomon Islands consists of more than nine hundred small islands in Oceania.

South Africa is located in the southernmost part of the African continent whereas South Sudan and Somalia are located in Sub-Saharan Africa. South Korea adds to the list and is situated in Asia bordering Japan, North Korea, and China among other countries. There are also Spain, Sri Lanka and Sudan on the list. Spain is a European country while Sri Lanka borders with India and Maldives in Asia. Sudan is located in Africa and shares its border with South Sudan.

Further, we have Suriname, which is a sovereign state in South America. It is to the northeastern region of the Atlantic Ocean. Completing the list are Sweden and Switzerland in Europe and Swaziland in the southern part of Africa.

Political and Economic Differences

In addition to geographical differences, these countries have varied economic and political ideologies. Political differences result from the non-uniform leadership of these countries. Besides, economic situations depend on many national factors for each country, which are not common to these countries.

Countries That Start With The Letter S

RankCountries That Start With The Letter S
1Saint Kitts and Nevis
2Saint Lucia
3Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
5San Marino
6Sao Tome and Principe
7Saudi Arabia
11Sierra Leone
15Solomon Islands
17South Africa
18South Korea
19South Sudan
21Sri Lanka

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