WorldAtlas Corrections Policy

As mentioned in our fact-checking policy, We make every effort to avoid errors - as well as transparency in corrections. In keeping with principles of accuracy, integrity and fairness, we correct a significant error when we have been able to establish that one has occurred. Most articles have a feature at the bottom of the piece labelled "Report Typo or Error". Use the form to send details about any factual errors, spelling or grammatical problems within the piece.

We make certain we remain accountable for our content - and abiding to trusted journalism standard. We believe that with great power comes great responsibility. We aim to be accountable, accurate, and an authority. This is essential for our credibility with our audience. When a correction is necessary, it is made promptly given the circumstances, with due regard for the reach of the published error.

Updating Articles

In addition to corrections, we believe it is important to update content (both related and evergreen) where possible - when new info is available. When we post articles, previous stories/features on that subject are updated with links to the new post so that readers always have the full picture no matter which of our articles on the subject they land on.

For corrections or update requests, please contact our editor-in-chief