About Canada

From coast to coast to coast, Canada is vast. It's not a country that necessarily wants to be in the limelight – and when it is it is often compared to its large southern neighbor - but there are many things Canada does well, albeit quietly. The country has some of the world's most impressive, not to mention untouched, natural landscapes. Some of the country's largest cities like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver are among the world's most vibrant places. It is also one of the world's least densely populated countries and is consistently ranked as one of the best ones to live in. 

Canada Trivia

What is the Biggest City in Canada?

The most populated city in Canada is Toronto, with a total population of 5.4 million. Around 1/6 of the entire population of Canada lives in Toronto.

The Largest Cities in Canada

What are the Best Cities to Live in in BC?

Some of the best cities to live in in BC are said to be Fort St. John, Whistler, Squamish, Delta, and North Vancouver.

Best Cities To Live: British Columbia, Canada

Is Water Hemlock Poisonous?

Water hemlock, scientifically known as the Cicuta, is a poisonous plant from Apiaceae family. They are perennial plants that grow to a height of about 2.5 meters. The water hemlock is native to the Northern Hemisphere in the temperate regions. Cicuta is one of the most poisonous plants on the continent as it contains cicutoxin, a toxic component that causes the stimulatory effects to the central nervous system leading to seizure when ingested. The poisoning caused by the water hemlock can be treated medically through the administration of activated charcoal that reduces the absorption of the toxic component.

10 Poisonous Plants Found in Canada

What are the Most Dangerous Animals in Canada?

Most animal attacks in Canada are due to moose, black widow spiders, prairie rattlesnakes,cougars, or polar bears.

10 Most Dangerous Animals in Canada

Which States Border Canada?

There are 13 states that border Canada: Alaska, Michigan, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, New York, Washington, North Dakota, Ohio, Vermont, New Hampshire, Idaho, and Pennsylvania.

US States That Border Canada

What is the Sunniest City in Canada?

Calgary is Canada's sunniest major city, with over 300 days of sun per year.

The Sunniest Cities In Canada

What is the Most Dangerous City in Canada?

The city of Regina has been the most violent city in Canada earning the title of the murder capital of Canada. In 2013, the city of Regina experienced ten homicides which were equivalent to a rate of 4.3 per 100,000 people, the highest in Canada.

Most Dangerous Cities in Canada

What is the Richest Province in Canada?

With a GDP of CAD 763.276 billion in 2015, Ontario has the largest economy of all 13 provinces and territories. Ontario’s leading GDP is attributed to its growing manufacturing and service industries. About 52% of Canadian manufacturing shipments come from Ontario.

The Richest Provinces and Territories of Canada