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Via ferrata, Italian literally for "iron road", is a type of planed rock climbing path. It is the required method to climb Mt. Nimbus.
Via ferrata, Italian literally for "iron road", is a type of planed rock climbing path. It is the required method to climb Mt. Nimbus.

5. Description

One of the most remote climbs that a mountaineer or tourist could wish for is located in the Northern Rocky Mountains in Canada. It is to be found in Mount Nimbus, which reaches an altitude of 8,698 feet (2,651 meters) high, and its peak is only accessible by way of a 1.6-mile (2.5 kilometer)-long via ferrata, a type of protected climbing route. This method of climbing is aided by steel cables attached to the rock surface. The arduous trip is worth it, as the place is wild and idyllic, and the view is surreal and full of snow-capped mountains with fog and snow. The route goes through meadows, ridges, and gendarmes alike. An amazing destination and place to visit for the adventurer and casual mountaineer, the best time to go is summertime, especially July and August, when snow is less likely to be a major obstacle.

4. Tourism

Though Mount Nimbus is known to many, it hasn't attracted a serious following yet. Access is not practically possible by car or foot, and its remoteness makes some think twice about checking it out. It is close to the city of Golden, British Columbia, but many would argue not quite close enough. The only way to get there is by helicopter. The average tourist is taken by helicopter to the Bobbie Burns Lodge, which is itself high up in the Purcell Mountains. Once there, the trailhead is an easy walk. Tourists don't need mountaineering experience, since there is a via ferrata to the summit of Mount Nimbus. Still, there are weight and age limits for safety reasons.

3. Uniqueness

A visit to Mount Nimbus is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. The destination is set in the middle of the Canadian Rockies and, at the Bobbie Burns mountain lodge, you have a host that serves meals prepared by a real chef and pastry chef. Their amenities includes double bedrooms, a whirlpool, swimming pool, bar lounge, and Wi-Fi access. The via ferrata that brings the tourist up to the summit of Mount Nimbus and the suspension bridge in the sky leading to the via ferrata are just two features that are unique in North America. The tourists there experience adrenaline-pumping thrills while navigating the swinging suspension bridge, which is the only access to the summit.

2. Habitat

What makes this place so special is its awesome tourist-friendly access to the area's amazing vistas. This stretch of the Northern Rocky mountains in Canada were declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site due to their diversity of its flora and fauna. Some of the fauna includes small mammals, deer, canids, sheep, goats, weasels, wildcats, and bears. The flora in the area includes pines, cedars, devil's clubs, hemlocks, firs, and ferns. The Columbia Mountains also have black cottonwoods and willows. There are grasslands on the lower mountain foothills, and slopes on the southern exposures. The ecological regions in the area include dense coniferous forests, alpine meadows, and riparian woodlands.

1. Threats

Mount Nimbus is a special place in the Purcell Mountains area of the Canadian Northern Rocky mountains. Tourists who come here are instructed to follow rules that are intended to make their visit safe and enjoyable. The destination is safe for the average tourist climbing the mountain's rock face, as they will be secured with lanyards and steel cables for negotiating the trail to the top of Mount Nimbus. On the other hand, tourists should not litter or pick the vegetation in the area, as they can damage its environmental integrity. Climate change has also negatively affected the area as well. Conservation efforts by the Canadian and US governments to preserve the wild lands stretching from the Yellowstone to the Yukon Rivers would allow animals to move north due to climate change. Such a related project is the Wildlands Network, which aims to connect protected areas across North America so that animals may more easily and safely migrate between them.


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