Which Country Drinks the Most Beer?

Beer is the fourth most popular beverage in the world.
Beer is the fourth most popular beverage in the world.

The first beer was most likely brewed in Mesopotamia around 7000 BCE. Presently, beer is the fourth most popular drink in the world after water, tea, and coffee. It is also the most popular alcoholic beverage in the world. For investors, the beer business is a sure bet in most countries. Even in times of economic crisis, people continue to buy and consume beer. It seems it will take more than just raising the cost of beer to break the growing consumption trend. Interestingly, European and African countries top the list of beer drinking countries with the Czech Republic taking the top spot.

Top Beer Drinking Countries

Czech Republic

The title for the biggest beer-consuming country goes to the Czech Republic, which annually drinks about 142.6 liters per capita. The Czech Republic has topped the per capita beer drinking rankings for the last 23 years. The Czech population drinks 250 pints, one every 35 hours per person. Interestingly, the country was the first to have a beer museum. Beer is also a national treasure in the Czech Republic and has been brewed in the country for centuries. Czechs believe beer is healthy for digestion and reduces the risk of high blood pressure.


In second place is Seychelles, a destination for holiday makers. Seychelles consumes 116.6 liters of beer per capita. The hot climate and a high number of holiday makers have contributed to the high per capita beer drinking in the country.


Austria (104.8 liters per capita), Germany (104.7), and Namibia (104) complete the top five list of the highest per capita beer consuming countries.

Beer Consumption in Europe

Europe boasts of some of the cheapest beers and drinking establishments, as well as some of the highest numbers of drinking buddies per capita. European countries dominate the top ten beer drinking nations per capita, as 8 of the top 10 countries are found in Europe. Besides the Czech Republic, Austria, and Germany, the other European countries on the top 10 list of beer drinking countries are Poland, Ireland, Lithuania, and Estonia. Europe has some of the finest beer brewing companies that not only specialize in brewing but also market and promote their products. Europe is also a major tourism and business destination, with the majority of visitors treating themselves to a bottle or two of beer during their stay. The United Kingdom is surprisingly ranked 27th overall, with a consumption rate of 67.7 liters per capita.

Beer Consumption in Africa

Although there are fewer people consuming beer on average in Africa compared to Europe, some of the countries in the continent are among the top beer consumers per capita in the world. Seychelles leads the pack with a consumption of 114.6 liters per capita, followed closely by Namibia, which is also 5th globally, with a per capita of 104 liters. Gabon, at 88.9 liters per capita, completes the top three beer-drinking countries in Africa.

Which Country Consumes the Most Alcohol Per Capita?

When it comes to overall alcohol consumption, including beer and wine, Belarus emerges the world’s booziest nation. The country consumes 17.5 liters of alcohol per year, an equivalent of 179 bottles of wine. Moldava, Lithuania, Russia, and Romania complete the list top five alcohol drinking nations. The Czech Republic, the top beer drinking country in the world, ranks a distant 9th, with 13 liters of pure alcohol per capita.

Which Country Drinks the Most Beer?

RankCountryConsumption of Beer, Liters Per Capita (Source: Kirin Holdings Company)
1Czech Republic142.6

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