Which Country Drinks the Most Wine?

Wine is enjoyed worldwide.
Wine is enjoyed worldwide.

Wine is an alcoholic beverages enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. It is a staple in both high-end and college dorm parties. Humans have been drinking wine since the invention of agriculture and discovery of grape fruits. Wine is so popular that February 18 has been designated as the National Drink Wine Day in the United States. There has been a shift in wine consumption in the recent past, with some of the unexpected countries overtaking the traditional wine producer countries, such as France and Italy, in wine consumption. According to the Organization for Vine and Wine, the top ten countries account for two-thirds of world's wine consumption. So, which are the countries that drink most of the wine?

Top Wine Drinking Countries

While one might expect the big countries like the United States, China, France, or Italy to top the list of the countries that drink the most, the proud holder of the title is Andorra. The tiny country with a population of just over 69,000 people consumed over 3.9 million liters of wine in 2014 according to the Wine Institute, which translates to 59.6 liters of wine per capita. This means each person in the countries empties 76 bottles of wine each year. If Andorra is surprising, then the second placed country, Vatican City, is more than surprising. Vatican City has a population of about 800 people, none of whom are children. It consumed 56.2 liters of wine per capita. Several factors may contribute to the high rate of wine consumption in Vatican City, including the use of wine in the religious sacrament of communion, demographics, and the availability of tax-free wine in the country. Croatia, Portugal, and France complete the top five wine drinking nations in the world.

Europe is a Major Consumer of Wine

European countries dominate the top ten countries that consume the most wine worldwide, with Slovenia, Macedonia, Switzerland, and Italy joining the other top five countries. In fact, nine of the top ten countries are from Europe. Most of these European countries are also the top wine producers in the world, with Italy and France leading the pack. Moldova, Austria, and Greece complete the list of top wine drinking countries in Europe, and are among the top 20 in the world. Wine is part of almost every meal in Europe. It is not only enjoyed by the rich and royal, but also by college students, especially during parties and nights out.

Wine Consumption in the Caribeean

Caribbean countries also rank highly among the wine drinkers. With the sweet winter sun that is rare in some parts of the world, tourists flock the region to enjoy the sun. The Falkland Islands and Saint Pierre and Miquelon drink the most wine in the Caribbean, with the former ranking 8th overall with a record 38.5 liters of wine consumption per capita. Aruba, the Cayman Islands, and Sint Maarten also feature among the top 40.

Where Does the United States Rank?

The United States is the highest consumer of wine in the world, having consumed 3.2 billion liters of wine in 2014. However, that translates to only 9.9 liters per capita, placing it 55th overall. Wine, for a long time, has not been the drink of choice for most of the Americans. However, according to Conde Nast Travelers, Americans are steadily increasing their wine consumption.

Which Country Drinks the Most Wine?

Rank´╗┐CountryWine Consumed, Liters Per Capita (Source: Wine Institute)
2Vatican City56.2
8Falkland Islands38.5
11Saint Pierre and Miquelon32.7

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