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Countries Where Men Outnumber Women

In several countries in East and Central Asia, there are more men than women.

Naturally, there would be the same number of men as women. According to Fisher’s Principle, although women live longer than men, their number is compensated by the fact that more boys are being born. In 2015, women accounted for 49.55% of the global population. There are approximately 60 million more men compared to women. Preference for sons in countries such as India and China has driven the trend. Several countries around the world are struggling with the imbalanced population. Approximately 81 countries have more women than men while 36 countries count a majority of men. 75 countries are within the 0.5% of gender parity. Here are some of the countries where men outnumber women.

Countries With More Men Than Women


Liechtenstein has the most skewed ratio of men and women in the world today. A per the CIA World Fact Book, there are 1.26 men for every woman in the country. This is a new trend for Liechtenstein, which did not formally appear on this list.


China has a skewed sex ratio. In China, there are 1.15 men for every woman. Asia has been the center of focus of much of the issues surrounding sex selection at birth. Although sex discrimination is illegal in China, some fear that there is still a general preference for sons over daughters.

India and Other Countries

There are 1.12 men for every woman in India. The low number of girls is as a result of female feticide, female discrimination, and high female mortality.

Armenia, Hong Kong, Azerbaijan, and Vietnam also have more men than women. In Armenia, there are 1.13 men for every woman. Sex-selective abortion has reduced significantly in Armenia, reducing gender imbalance. Vietnam and Azerbaijan have 1.11 men for every woman.

Factors Behind a Gender Imbalance

Gender imbalance can be caused by migration. For example, thousands of men migrate to the Middle East every year who may not be permitted to bring along their wives and children. This throws the gender ratio off balance. A small population can also be more susceptible to a gender imbalance, as it takes a larger amount of residents to even out the population.

Which Countries Do Men Outnumber Women In?

In several countries in East and Central Asia, there are more men than women. These include Liechtenstein, China, and India.

Countries Where Men Outnumber Women

Rank´╗┐CountryNumber of Men for Every Woman
1 Liechtenstein1.26
2 China1.15
3 Armenia1.13
4 Hong Kong1.12
5 India1.12
6 Azerbaijan1.11
7 Vietnam1.11
8 Albania1.1
9 Grenada1.1
10 San Marino1.1
11 Georgia1.08
12 Isle of Man1.08
14 Republic of Macedonia1.08
15 Andorra1.07

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