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Maps of Kuwait

Physical Map of Kuwait showing international borders, relief, highest point, important cities and islands. saudi arabia iraq large iran map persian gulf

Kuwait occupies an area of 17,818 sq. km on the Arabian Peninsula at the head of the Persian Gulf.

As observed on the physical map of Kuwait above, the country also has several islands like Warbah, Bubiyan, and Failakah Islands.

Marked on the map is the Kuwait Bay which a major geographic feature in the country. It covers nearly 50% of the country's shoreline and shelters the port of Kuwait.

Most of Kuwait is an entirely flat and dry barren desert of sandy plains broken by occasional shallow depressions and low hills. The land (desert) begins to rise slightly in the southwest, along the border with Saudi Arabia.

The country's highest point is an unnamed hill that peaks at 1,003 ft. (306 m). The yellow upright triangle on the map represents this point.

There are no perennial lakes or rivers. Instead, there are wadis or transient watercourses that end in inland basins.

The lowest point in the country is the Persian Gulf at 0 m.

Governorates of Kuwait Map

Political Map of Kuwait showing the 6 governorates of the country, their capitals, and the national capital of Kuwait City.

Kuwait (officially, the State of Kuwait) is divided into 6 governorates. In alphabetical order, these governorates are: Ahmadi, Al Asimah, Farwaniya, Hawalli, Mubarak Al-Kabeer and Jahra. These governorates are further subdivided into areas. 

With an area of 17,818 sq. km, Kuwait is one of the smallest countries in the world. Kuwait City is the capital and largest city of Kuwait. It is located at the heart of the country on the southern shores of Kuwait Bay on the Persian Gulf. Kuwait City is the country’s political, cultural and economic center. 

Where is Kuwait?

Map showing location of Kuwait in the world. arctic ocean pacific ocean indian ocean australia oceania tropic of capricorn tropic of cancer arctic circle equator africa europe black sea caspian aral sea red sea gulf of aden bay of bengal arabian sea middle east mediterranean sea asia

Kuwait is a country in Western Asia, situated in the northern edge of Eastern Arabia at the tip of the Persian Gulf. It is located in the Northern and Eastern hemispheres of the Earth. It is bordered by two countries. It is bounded by Persian Gulf in the east, Iraq in the north and west, and Saudi Arabia in the south. Most parts of Kuwait are covered by the Arabian Desert.

Kuwait Bordering Countries: Saudi Arabia, Iraq.

Regional Maps: Map of Asia

Outline Map of Kuwait

Blank Outline Map of Kuwait

The outline map represents Kuwait, a Western Asian country located in the Arabian Peninsula. The map can be downloaded, printed, and used for coloring or map-pointing activities.

Outline Map of Kuwait

The outline map represents Kuwait, a  roughly triangle-shaped Western Asian country located in the Arabian Peninsula. 

Key Facts

Legal Name State of Kuwait
Capital City Kuwait City
29 22 N, 47 58 E
Independence 19 June 1961 (from the UK)


Total Area 17,818.00 km2
Land Area 17,818.00 km2
Water Area 0.00 km2
Total Border 475.0 km
Coastline 499.0 km
Bordering Countries Iraq 254 km, Saudi Arabia 221 km
Climate Dry desert; intensely hot summers; short, cool winters
Coordinates 29 30 N, 45 45 E
Mean Elevation 108 m
Lowest Elevation 0 m
Persian Gulf
Highest Elevation 300 m
3.6 km W. of Al-Salmi Border Post


Population 4,207,083
Largest City

Al Kuwayt (Kuwait City) (3,114,553)

Ethnic Groups Kuwaiti 30.4%, other Arab 27.4%, Asian 40.3%, African 1%, other .9% (includes European, North American, South American, and Australian) (2018 est.)
Languages Arabic (official), English widely spoken
Religions Muslim (official) 74.6%, Christian 18.2%, other and unspecified 7.2% (2013 est.)


Currency Kuwaiti dinars (KD)
GDP $134.76 Billion
GDP Per Capita $32,031.98
Exports Oil and refined products, fertilizers

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