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The World's Largest Oil Reserves by Country In 2024

Read how Venezuela dominates the world in Oil Reserves according to the most recent data from OPEC, and compare with the next highest ranked countries.


12 Most Advanced Countries In The World In 2024

In 2024, South Korea is the most advanced country, followed by the USA and Denmark. Discover the 12 most advanced countries shaping the future.


The Cure For Grief According To Eastern Philosophy

Grief is a normal response to loss, but there are many different ways of dealing with it. This article explores how Chinese philosophy can help us cope.


11 Unsolved Historical Mysteries

These mysteries are characterized by either an abundance of physical evidence without explanation or records, or records without corresponding evidence.

World Wars

The Impact of World War One on the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Examine how World War One shaped the Israel-Palestine conflict with British decisions in 1914-1918 sowing seeds of persistent conflict.


Age Of Consent Around The World

Age of Consent in all countries: consider the ethics, circumstances, and history behind this legal concept which prioritizes the health and safety of minors.

Ancient World

What Romans Saw When They Reached New Parts Of The World

How did the Romans explore the world around them? What did they see? This article explains what lies beyond the borders of the Ancient Roman Empire


Longest Wars In Human History

Exploring the longest and most influential wars in history, including the Reconquista, Roman-Germanic Wars, and others, highlighting their impact.


The Richest Countries In South America

Discover the 10 richest countries in South America and understand the context and causes behind their current economic situations.


"Hell Is Other People," What Did Sartre Mean By That?

We yearn to be free, but we are never alone. What do our relationships mean for our sense of self, freedom, and consciousness?


The Largest Megachurches In The US

Check out America's largest megachurches by weekly attendance, where congregations soar from 2,000 to a staggering 100,000 attendees.


Early Zionism, the Ottoman Empire, and Israel-Palestine

Early Zionism emerged in the late 1800s as a nationalist movement seeking to establish a Jewish homeland in Palestine amid rising antisemitism.


The Richest Countries In Africa

Discover the 10 richest countries in Africa based on GDP per capita (PPP) as well as the reasons for their current economic situations.


The Richest Countries in Asia

Asia has some of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Sectors such as oil, banking, and tech have proved to be incredibly lucrative.


The Biggest Stadiums In The World

No matter where you go, you can see the profound impact sport has had on each nation and every country and city on Earth has its own stadium.


How to be Happy According To Aristotle

Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics reveals the path to true happiness through virtuous living, strong friendships, and a healthy society.


What is the Ideal World According to Famous Philosophers?

What is your perfect world? Philosophers throughout the ages have tried to come up with ways for us to organize our lives and societies. What did they say?


The Richest Countries In The World 2024

Discover the top 50 richest countries of 2024 (based on the latest IMF's WEO), their economic drivers, and the role of tech and taxation.


The 10 Largest Soccer Stadiums In The World

This article explores the world's largest football (soccer) stadiums including locations such as North Korea and Michigan.


Understanding Stoicism and Its Philosophy for a Better Life

Stoicism, founded by Zeno in 3rd Century BCE Athens, teaches virtue, apatheia, and focusing on what you can control for a happy life.

World Wars

Battle of Kursk

As German troops blasted through Europe's defenses, it seemed as if all was lost. Read on to learn about one of the battles that turned the tide of WWII.

World Wars

What Weapon Killed the Most People in World War 2?

The Second World War was the deadliest in the history of Mankind, but what caused the most deaths? Could it be the atomic bombs? Read on to learn more.


What is Genocide?

Genocide explained through its legal definition, the most notorious cases, and modern struggles against patterns of genocide denial.

Ancient World

The Greatest Heist in History: The Hijacking of Alexander the Great's Body

The mysterious hijacking of Alexander the Great's body still mystifies historians to this day. However, there are theories as to what happened.

Modern World

Russian Civil War

Did you know the Red Army fought a civil war after their revolution to cement the USSR? Read about one of the most consequential events of the 20th century


The 10 Largest Diamond Mines In The World

Some of the largest diamond mines in the world include the Russian Aikhal mine, Orapa, the Ekati diamond mine, Venetia, and Mir.


10 Poorest US States

This article details the ten poorest states based on median income, food insecurity, education rates, and employment industries.


Exploring Ancient Civilizations' Greatest Capital Cities Today

The remnants of the world's greatest ancient civilizations lie in the heart of bustling modern cities. Read on to find out where your next trip should be!


10 Deadliest Bridge Collapses In History

Review critical incidents of bridge collapses worldwide, highlighting causes and impacts on human lives, and reflect on the Baltimore Bridge Collapse of 2024.

Modern World

Emu War: Australia's Crusade Against Birds

Emus are Australia's national birds. Found out how they defeated the Australian military to cement their place in the country's very identity.

Ancient World

The War of Alexander's Successors

Alexander the Great suddenly lost his empire and left a vacuum. The scramble for power that followed led to the birth of the Hellnistic Age.


Countries With Zero Income Tax For Digital Nomads

Digital nomad visas allow you to take your work with you to new and exciting places. If you want this to be your lifestyle, read on to find out where to go!


The World's 10 Most Overcrowded Prison Systems

Explore the world's 10 most overcrowded prison systems, by country, and the challenges faced by inmates from health risks to inadequate living conditions.

Ancient World

What Killed Alexander the Great?

Alexander the Great was one of the most successful military leaders in history. How is it that such a man can be defeated?


Where is Cleopatra's Tomb?

Cleopatra's rise to power and tragic fall have captivated historians for decades. To date, nobody can tell exactly where her body rests. What do we know?

Ancient World

The Destruction Of The 7 Wonders Of The Ancient World

Explore the tales of the ancient Seven Wonders, their creation, tragic ends, and the Pyramids of Giza's enduring legacy.

Middle Ages

Best UK Destinations for Medieval Landmarks

The United Kingdom, a land rich in history and legend, offers a journey back to medieval times through its remarkable landmarks. Discover Medieval Britain.

Ancient World

What Was The Crisis Of The Third Century?

The Crisis of the Third Century: political fragmentation, economic turmoil, military upheaval—all leading to significant reforms.

Early Modern Era

The Habsburg Empire: and the Ukrainian National Identity

The Habsburg line stands as a major component in Europe's royal lineage. Read how their legacy shapes world history today

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