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Ancient World

How Are Ancient Roman Buildings Still Standing?

Explore what humans know so far about ancient Roman building technology and how these magnificent buildings are still standing today.

US History

How Violent Was The Wild West?

Though the Wild West was considerably lawless and uncontrolled, there were laws enforced by local citizens/settlers in the area, including gun control.

Ancient World

How Pants Went From Being Banned To Required In The Roman Empire

Today, while banning pants might seem strange, for the ancient Romans, the controversy around trousers was highly political.


The History of Cartography

Cartography, the art and science of making maps, is an extremely important but often overlooked discipline. Read on to learn about its history.


Manichaeism: The Religion that Went Extinct

Explore the fascinating history of Manichaeism, from its 3rd-century origins through its global expansion to its eventual extinction.

Middle Ages

Were The Dark Ages Really That Dark?

The Dark Ages is a time that has been historically characterized as a dark and dangerous time however, there is evidence that it was peaceful and artistic.

Ancient World

Why Were Roman Citizens Punished For Wearing Purple?

In Ancient Rome, citizens were punished through fines or, in severe cases, even death for wearing purple unless they were of an elite social status.

Modern World

Ukraine's Quest for European Integration

Ukraine's European integration quest unfolds through historic events and conflicts with Russia, shaping its current geopolitical landscape.

Ancient World

Did Socrates, Plato and Aristotle Really Exist?

Examine the fascinating lives of the legendary philosophers Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, and find out whether they really existed.

Modern World

Boer War

Learn about the Boer war, when the descendants of Dutch colonists rose up against the British Empire to fight for their own independence.

US History

Mormon Trail

Nearly 3,000 Mormons, led by Brigham Young, traveled 1,300 miles in 1846 for religious freedom, paving the Mormon Trail to Utah for 60,000-70,000 followers.


The Largest Armies in the World

Based on active military personnel, these are the largest armies in the world, with China in the lead and India, the United States, and Russia, close behind.


Safest Countries In The World

These countries are the safest in the world, ranked on metrics such as militarization, crime rates, and social security. Iceland is currently the safest at #1

US History

Oregon Trail

Since 1823, explorers used paths forming the Oregon Trail, but the Great Emigration truly began in 1843 with a wagon caravan to Oregon.

World Wars

Is Germany Still Paying Reparations For World War 2?

Germany's invasion of Poland in 1939 sparked the deadliest war in history. Has Germany paid its debts for the atrocities it has committed?

US History

California Trail

The California Trail was the key route for 1849 Gold Rush emigrants, despite the older Oregon Trail, leading many to California's riches.

Ancient World

How Did Ancient Romans Build Aqueducts?

Considering their importance, you might be wondering how the Romans created aqueducts. Here, we will explore the creation of this Ancient Roman invention.

Modern World

Crimean War

The Crimean War is known as the first modern war because of its brutality and astounding loss of life. Read how the war helped destroy the Russian Empire

Early Modern Era

Barbary Pirates: The Raiders Who Terrorized the Mediterranean For Centuries

Discover the little-known history of the Barbary Pirates. These Ottoman-backed pirates terrorized Europe's coast and earned a fearsome reputation.

Modern World

Spanish-American War

The Spanish American war ended Spanish influence in the Americas and cemented the United States of America as a new world power.

Modern World

Ataturk: The Father of Modern Turkey

Mustafa Kemal is hailed today as the founder of Modern Turkey. Read more about the extraordinary life of "Ataturk" and his rise to power.

Ancient World

How Toilets Worked In Ancient Rome

Efficient plumbing systems are taken for granted in the modern world. How did earlier societies manage? Learn today what passed for toilets in Ancient Rome.


Who Is On Canadian Money?

This overview of Canadian currency includes its history, prominent figures on bills, and symbols on coins, emphasizing cultural and historical significance.

Ancient World

Carthage: The Ancient Empire That Nearly Destroyed Rome

If Carthage was successful in its aims not only would it have destroyed Rome, but it would have changed world history forever. 

Modern World

Meiji Restoration: The Modernization of Japan

The Meiji Restoration brought Japan back from centuries of self-isolation and transformed it into a rising imperial power.

World Wars

Where Did The Term Blitzkrieg Come From?

Discover the origins of the Blitzkrieg warfare tactics, where a powerful military force rapidly overwhelms the defenses of its enemies.

Modern World

What Does Chernobyl Look Like Today?

Explore the haunting legacy of the Chernobyl disaster, its transformation into a wildlife haven, the impact of tourism, and recent challenges with the war.


The Philosophical Approach to Skepticism

This article explores philosophical skepticism, its different types, and why it is an integral component of philosophy.


Who Was Ayn Rand?

Discover the story behind Ayn Rand's impactful novels like 'Fountainhead' and 'Atlas Shrugged' and her enduring significance in philosophy and politics.


How Philsophy Can Help With Your Life

Philosophy is often associated with pretentious classes, outdated philosophers, and useles degree, but it has merit outside the theoretical classroom.


3 Interesting Philosophical Questions About Time

From the possibilities of time's cessation to its shape and existence, explore the depths of philosophical inquiries into the nature of time.

World Wars

Why Did Germany Surrender In 1918?

This surrender occurred for several reasons, the most important of which was Germany's ever-weakening military position.


The Most Common Birthdays In The World

The most common birthdays fall between September 9th and 20th, with notable figures born on these days, reflecting holiday conception trends.


What Is The Antinatalism Movement?

Anti-natalism is a philosophy that says having children is morally wrong, often for ethical, religious, or environmental reasons.


The Controversial Philosophy Of Hannah Arendt

Hannah Arendt was a Jewish scholar who wrote about the spread of totalitarianism in Nazi Germany. Her views on the nature of evil have sparked controversy.

Ancient World

Who Named Egypt?

The evolution of Egypt's names: From Kemet to Misr, uncovering the historical and cultural shifts in naming this ancient land.

World Wars

Why Was Spain Not In World War 2?

Despite General Francisco Franco's fascistic tendencies and German aid in the Spanish Civil War, Spain did not participate in the Second World War

World Wars

Who Won World War 1?

The Allies (led by France, the United Kingdom, Russia until 1917, Italy after 1915, and the United States after 1917) won World War One.

Ancient World

Is India Older Than Egypt?

You might not have heard much about the Indus Valley Civilization. Recent scientific discoveries suggest it is a civilization even older than Ancient Egypt


Countries That Have Produced The Most Serial Killers

Discover the countries with the highest number of serial killers, led by the USA, and learn about the most notorious cases worldwide.

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