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Where is Springfield, MA?

map showing the location of Springfield

Springfield is a city found in Massachusetts, The United States Of America. It is located 42.10 latitude and -72.59 longitude and it is situated at elevation 49 meters above sea level.

Springfield has a population of 153,060 making it the 4th biggest city in Massachusetts. It operates on the EDT time zone, which means that it follows the same time zone as Boston.

Quick facts

Country The United States Of America
State Massachusetts
Population 153,060
Elevation 49 m over sea level
Time Zone EDT
Longitude -72.589810
Latitude 42.101480
Welcome to the city in which James Naismith invented basketball and the famed Theodor Seuss Geisel (The Beloved Dr. Seuss) was born.

The largest city on the Connecticut River and the seat of Hamden County in Massachusetts, Springfield is known as "The City of Homes" due to its many stately Victorian mansions, and the plethora of single-family houses once inhabited by mill workers in the late 19th century.

Springfield is home to Forest Park, one of the largest municipal parks in the U.S., the Basketball Hall of Fame, and the Dr. Seuss Memorial. Six Flags, the largest amusement park in New England, known for many years as Riverside Park is located in Springfield. The historic site of America's first armory is also here.

This is an eclectic vacation stop with diverse restaurants, a rich sports history, a well-respected orchestra and the western world's largest collection of Chinese cloisonné at the G.W. Vincent Smith Museum. 
springfield FAST FACTS

  • This Springfield is the first of the 34 in the USA and is also the biggest Springfield in the country.
  • Located midway between New York and Boston and on the main route between New York and Canada, Springfield is ideally located for travel in all directions throughout the Northeast.
  • Springfield is old! It was first founded as a town in 1636 and became a city in 1852.

springfield attractions

  • Basketball Hall of Fame
    The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame honors everyone and everything connected with the sport of basketball: exceptional players, outstanding coaches, referees, executives and major contributors to the game of 'round ball'. Named after basketball inventor, Dr. James Naismith, the Memorial's goal is to preserve and promote the history and culture of basketball at all levels.
  • Six Flags New England
    The largest theme park in New England, located in nearby Agawam, MA, Six Flags New England is synonymous with great fun and excitement! Featuring over 50 rides, including "Superman – Ride of Steel" and "Batman – The Dark Knight", this amusement park known as Riverside by the locals, is sure to get the adrenaline flying. Special events at Six Flags include rock concerts, fireworks, holiday celebrations and acrobatic expositions.
  • Springfield Armory
    The Springfield Armory was the primary center for the manufacture of U.S. military small arms and the site of many important technological advances in gun manufacturing. Many different models produced at the armory from 1794 to 1968 were referred to as "Springfield rifles". Overlooking the Connecticut River in western Massachusetts, the Springfield Armory National Historic Site - run by the National Park Service - offers visitors a most interesting look of America's first armory.
  • Dr. Seuss Memorial
    The sculpture garden located at the Springfield Quadrangle, honors Theodor Seuss Geisel, one of the nation's most beloved children authors. The Dr. Seuss Memorial features beautiful bronze sculptures created by Lark Grey Dimond-Cates, who was Geisel's step-daughter. Depicting famous characters such as the Cat in the Hat, Sam-I-Am, Thing One, Thing Two, Sally and her Brother, and Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose, along with a Seussian storytelling chair and the Lorax, the Memorial is a lovely way to learn about the magnificent work of Dr. Seuss.
  • Forest Park
    Located on the banks of the Connecticut River, Forest Park is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy great open spaces. Forest Park is the largest city park in Massachusetts and one of the largest in the Northeast. Among its many attractions, the park includes a zoo, a baseball diamond and grandstands, a gorgeous rose garden, multiple picnic sites, a hockey and ice-skating rink, swimming pool and miles of walking trails.


Springfield has a population of around 153947, of which 73075 (47%) are male and 80872 (52%) are female. The average age of the inhabitants of Springfield is 34.97, meaning that the average person is below the national median age of 37. For every male, there are approximately 1.11 females, meaning that the population is relatively evenly distributed between males and female(s).

Of Springfield's 153947 residents, around 148165 (96.20%) identify as having a single race. The majority of the population is white, which consists of 55.50% of the population. Of the remaining population, 32505 are black/African Americans (21.10%), 795 are native Americans (0.50%), 3251 are asians (2.10%), 41 are pacific islanders (0.00%), 26200 are other (17.00%).

The median income of households in Springfield is $34728.00, meaning that most of the households are above the poverty threshold for families of three. Of the total population, 13.90% of households reported an annual income of less than $10,000.

Springfield, MA Zipcodes

The city of Springfield has 15 zipcodes recognized by the United States Census Bureau: 1013, 1020, 1103, 1104, 1105, 1106, 1107, 1108, 1109, 1118, 1119, 1128, 1129, 1151, 1199.

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