Blue eyes.

Can We Change The Eye Color We Were Born With?

The eye color, or rather, the amount of the pigment in the iris, is determined by genetics. In the past, scientists believed that it was as simple as “blue is recessive, dark is dominant”. But we keep uncovering more facts about our genetics! 

January 23, 2020 13:38

White circus horses

10 Famous Circus Performers of the 20th Century

The vital circus arts of the 20th century were parades, acrobatics, shows of skill, equestrian shows, clowns, wild animal acts, and musical performances. Even today, they have continued their long history of art and their never-ending journeys across the world. 

January 6, 2020 13:01

The menorah is perhaps the most famous symbol of Hannukah.

The Origins Behind 6 Hannukah Traditions

The celebration of Hanukkah, like many religious festivals, is full of meaning-filled traditions that honor and celebrate the event it commemorates.

December 30, 2019 17:31

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