La Befana, an Italian mythical figure.

Different Santas From Around the World

Although many in North America are most familiar with a red-and-white-suit-wearing Santa who boasts a winter beard and long hair, there are variations of Santa around the world.

December 16, 2019 11:23

Periodicity has applications in fields of science, such as chemistry.

What is Periodicity?

Periodicity is defined as the tendency of a series of events to follow a recurring pattern

December 11, 2019 13:53

The honey badger is an example of an asymmetrical animal.

10 Animals That Are Asymmetrical

Most animals exhibit external radial symmetry and internal asymmetry. However, this is not always the case.

December 11, 2019 12:08

Tiananmen Square, China. Editorial credit: Ablakat / Shutterstock.com.

The Tiananmen Square Protests of 1989

The Tiananmen Square Protests took place in Beijing, China, in 1989. It involved student-powered demonstrations against the Chinese government.

November 15, 2019 13:11

Max Weber was largely responsible for expressing ideas of antipositivism. Editorial credit: Natata / Shutterstock.com.

What is Antipositivism in the Social Sciences?

The Antipositivism Debate is one of the most important concepts introduced to modern social science. Learn about the differences between antipositivism and positivism.

November 8, 2019 11:21

Symbols of propoganda were used to inspire a sense of community and togetherness (volksgemeinschaft) in Nazi Germany. Editorial credit: Everett Historical / Shutterstock.com.

What is Volksgemeinschaft?

During the Nazi period in Europe, Volksgemeinschaft proved to be a successful way of creating a unified way of thinking and producing docile bodies.

November 7, 2019 12:08

A monument to the lives lost in the Algerian War of Independence in Algiers. Editorial credit: Anton_Ivanov / Shutterstock.com.

The Algerian War of Independence

The Algerian War of Independence saw Algeria break away from French rule, at the expense of thousands of deaths and spurrs of violence.

November 6, 2019 11:34

Angela Weld Grimké, an artist who was at the forefront of the Harlem Renaissance.

Five Famous Black Poets to Know

The depth and richness that black poets contributed to the overall body of American poetry cannot be measured or described. Here are some important names in black poetry.

November 1, 2019 12:05

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