What Countries Have The Least Natural Disasters?

Singapore is unique because other countries like Malaysia and Borneo shield it.
Singapore is unique because other countries like Malaysia and Borneo shield it.
  • Uruguay has absolutely no eartquake or volcanic activity present on its teritory.
  • The World Risk Report often cites Qatar to be one of the safest countries in the world.
  • Malta has had only seven earthquakes in the last 500 years even though it is fairly close to the European plate's fault line.

Tsunamis, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes... Nature can sometimes be violent and merciless as much as it is beautiful and inevitable for human life. While countries can lower the number of casualties with good security measures and infrastructure, we cannot really prevent nature from doing what it wants to do.

Deaths caused by natural disasters generally vary each year, but there are certain places on our planet where such events are less likely. Here are some of the countries that often score the highest results in terms of being safe from natural disasters.

8. Uruguay

Other than the occasional cases of flooding and droughts, this South American nation is also regarded as one of the safer countries in terms of disasters. Hurricanes might seldom happen, but the country is far enough from the equator to make it less likely to happen. There is also no volcanic activity or earthquakes in Uruguay.

7. Bahrain

Bahrain is often ranked as one of the safest places due to the low frequency of natural disasters and government security. It is a small monarchy in the Persian Gulf. Other than dust storms and hot summer, there is not much danger from extreme natural disasters.

6. Singapore

Singapore is unique because other countries like Malaysia and Borneo shield it. If there is a case of a tsunami disaster, it would have to go through either of those countries first, effecting Singapore only from the northeastern direction. Unfortunately for those countries, but very fortunate for Singapore in terms of security.

The country is also far from major fault lines, which also makes it safe from earthquakes. Even though there are occasional hailstorms and flooding, it is a well-protected place from the dangers of natural disasters.

5. Grenada

Right next to Barbados, further south is Spice Island, officially known as Grenada. Rich with green hills and sandy beaches, Grenada is protected by the Coriolis force, which deflects much of the air currents and pretty much anything traveling long distances. That same force shields the country from the aggressive effects of hurricanes, making Grenada a hurricane-free Carribean haven.

4. Barbados

Yes, the country where the singer Rihanna was born!

Even though hurricanes are a common danger in many of the Caribbean islands, Barbados manages to avoid much of the imminent danger in that region successfully. If you want to visit a place with no danger of earthquakes, the presence of volcanoes, and enjoy a warm tropical climate, Barbados is a place to go.

3. Malta

This European island is located south of Sicily, in the beautiful Mediterranea Sea. It is often ranked as the second country least likely to experience natural disasters, after Qatar. Unlike Qatar, Malta is quite close to the fault line of the European plate, but the earthquakes are very rare. There were as little as seven earthquakes in the last 500 years. Malta also does not get any hurricanes, and its infrastructure is well prepared for occasions of natural disasters.

2. Saudi Arabia

Since Qatar is considered the country with the least natural disasters and is actually a part of Arabia, this entry does not need much further explanation. It shares the major geographical benefits as much as Qatar except for rare occasions of earthquakes and risky weather. Saudi Arabia is also one of the richest countries in the world, so even in the events of natural disasters, they are well equipped to keep their residents safe.

1. Qatar

The first country on the list is also the world's safest country when it comes to the dangers of natural disasters. Qatar is often cited as the safest country by The World Risk Report. Some of the reasons for that are its sheltered geographical position and protection from tropical cyclones. Qatar is also away from any fault lines, making the country free of earthquakes and or risky volcano activity.


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