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Countries That Start With The Letter U

There are 7 countries that start with the letter U.

A good number of countries across the world start with letter U.

Countries that Start with Letter U


Uganda is a landlocked country found in east Africa. Uganda’s capital is Kampala. The nation borders Kenya on the east, South Sudan on the north, Tanzania on the south, and DRC on the west. The official languages are English and Kiswahili but there other local languages like Luganda and Ateso. Uganda lies in the Nile basin and has a modified equatorial climate. Economically, it experiences gradual growth with coffee and oil as the leading exports. Uganda has ten national parks and 60 protected areas that promote tourism.


Ukraine is a sovereign nation in Eastern Europe. It borders Belarus on northwest, Russia on east, and Poland on the west. It has an area of 603,628 making it the largest country in Europe. The official language is Ukrainian. Ukraine has a diverse economy ranging from a heavy industrial sector to large grain exports due to fertile farms. The governance consists of a semi-presidential system with separate powers. Ukraine has a dominant temperate climate influenced by moderately warm and humid air from Atlantic Ocean.

United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is a monarchy, which lies in western Asia. It borders Saudi Arabia to the south and Oman to the east. The official language is Arabic. UAE has subtropical arid climate with warm winters and hot summers. It has the second largest economy after Saudi Arabia. In 2012, it had a gross domestic product (GDP) of $377 billion.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a sovereign nation lying in Western Europe. It lies off the North West coast of Europe mainland. It is composed of the island of Great Britain (comprising England, Scotland, and Wales) and the northeastern part of the island of Ireland (comprising Northern Ireland). English is the official language spoken. Other common languages include Welsh and Irish. United Kingdom is constitutionally a monarchy with parliamentary democracy. Economically, it is fifth largest in the world by nominal GDP, and ninth largest by purchasing power. United Kingdom has a temperate climate with a lot of rain throughout the year.

United States of America

It is a federal nation composed of five major self-governing regions, a federal district, and fifty states. The national language is English. The United States has several climates: the Great Basin has an arid climate, Alaska has a polar climate, and the South West Region has desert climate. The United States has mega diverse ecology ranging from vascular plants, flowering plants, and is home to many species of animals. It has 59 national parks and other wilderness areas. The United States has a mixed and fast growing economy influenced by many natural resources and high productivity.


Uruguay is a sovereign nation located southeast of South America. The national languages are Spanish and Portuguese. In Latin America, Uruguay ranks first in democracy, low corruption, and peace. Economically, Uruguay continues to grow being the first exporter of software in South America. The majority of its earnings come from tourism and agriculture. It ranks in the list of the world’s main producers of soybeans and horsemeat. Furthermore, Uruguay has a uniform humid subtropical climate all over the country. Extreme temperatures are rare but seasonal variations are prolonged.


Uzbekistan is a double landlocked country in central Asia. It borders Afghanistan on the south, Kyrgyzstan on the northeast, and Kazakhstan on the north. The official language of Uzbekistan is Uzbek. Uzbekistan has great and diverse environment. With continental climate, Uzbekistan experiences cool winters and hot summers.

By Continent

The United States of America is the only country starting with the letter "U" in North America, along with Uruguay in South America, and Uganda in East Africa. Asia is home to two countries starting with the letter "U", with the United Arab Emirates located in the Middle East in Western Asia and Uzbekistan located in Central Asia. Ukraine and the United Kingdom are both located in Europe, with Ukraine in Eastern Europe and the United Kingdom in northwestern Europe.

Countries That Start With The Letter U

RankCountries That Start With The Letter U
3United Arab Emirates
4United Kingdom
5United States

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