Biggest Cities In Texas

Houston, the biggest city in Texas, is a global city, and a center for business, international trade, entertainment, and more.

The US state of Texas is one of the largest economies in the US and by 2015, it was home to six of the top 50 Fortune 500 companies. The state is the third largest economy following the state of New York and California and in 2012, the state exported merchandise worth $264.7 billion USD which was more than the combined exports of both New York and California.

In 2014, if the state of Texas was ranked as a sovereign state, it would have been the 12th largest economy in the world, ahead of countries like Australia and South Korea in GDP. Texas ranks as the second most populous state in the US with a population of 27,469,114 residents. The State has a wealth of natural resources that includes oil wells, wind power, and solar power. Roscoe wind farm in Texas is among the largest wind farms in the world with a capacity of 781.5 megawatts. Texas is well known for its ranches with the cowboy culture mainly associated with the State. Texan farms produce a range of products from peanuts to wheat. Texas is heavily invested in medical research and healthcare institutions. It has the world’s highest concentration of medical research centers and healthcare facilities. Here we present some of the biggest cities in Texas.

Biggest Cities In Texas


Houston ranks number one among the biggest cities in Texas. It has an estimated population of 2 million residents. The city has residents of diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds. Houston is the most diverse city in Texas, and it is home to Space Center Houston- NASA’s official visitor center and an attraction for many tourists. The Space Center offers space crafts and simulators training. Houston is known for its thriving visual and performing arts scene. It accommodates the Houston Grand Opera, Houston Ballet, and Houston Symphony Orchestra.

San Antonio

San Antonio, the second biggest city in the state, has an estimated population of 1.4 million residents. The Alamo- a Spanish Mission center established in the 18th Century and later converted into a fortress- is the city’s main attraction. The Alamo is part of the San Antonio Missions National Park; the only world heritage site in the state of Texas. Riverwalk, which is a series of walkways along the banks of San Antonio River, is another popular attraction in San Antonio. Riverwalk is lined with bars, restaurants, and shops. Other popular sites in San Antonio include Tower of Americas, Marriage Island, and Sea world.

Top Cities In Texas

The biggest cities in Texas are not necessarily always the top cities in Texas. Several surveys have been conducted to decide which are the best cities in the state on the basis of living standards.

West University Place

West University Place is ranked as the best place to live in Texas. The city has a population of approximately 15,000 residents. It is surrounded by the city of Houston to a large extent. The city has multiple amenities ranging from high-end restaurants to fitness facilities. West University place is a relatively safe area with a crime rate 68% lower than the average crime rate in Texas and 63% lower than the national average. The per capita income is 237% higher than the national average which makes it one of the best places to work in the US.

Spring Valley Village

Spring Valley Village is also ranked among the top cities in Texas. Although its cost of living is 52% higher than the national average, its numerous amenities make up for the high cost. Its public transit system is well established. The city boasts of a stable real estate sector. The per capita income of this city is 136% higher than the national average. Its unemployment rate is 64% lower than the national average.

Biggest Cities In Texas

RankTexas CityPopulation (2016)
2San Antonio1,469,845
5Fort Worth833,319
6El Paso681,124
8Corpus Christi324,074
15Grand Prairie187,809

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