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Tanzania Facts

Tanzania's Information

Flag of Tanzania
Land Area 885,800 km2
Water Area 61,500 km2
Total Area 947,300km2 (#30)
Population 52,482,726 (#26)
Population Density 59.25/km2
Government Type Presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $151.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $3,100
Currency Shilling (TZS)
More Information Tanzania
Largest Cities
  • Name: Tanzania
    (long form) United Republic of Tanzania
  • Capital City: Dodoma (324,347 pop.)
  • Tanzania Population: 48,261,942 (2013 est.)
  • World Populations (all countries)
  • Currency: Tanzanian Schilling
    (conversion rates)

    Tanzanian Schilling
    5000 tanzanian shillings
  • Ethnicity: mainland - African 99% (of which 95% are Bantu consisting of more than 130 tribes), other 1% (consisting of Asian, European, and Arab); Zanzibar - Arab, African, mixed Arab and African
  • GDP total: $75.07 billion (2012 est.)
  • GDP per capita: $1,600 (2012 est.)
  • Land Sizes
  • Language: Kiswahili or Swahili (official), Kiunguja (name for Swahili in Zanzibar), English (official, primary language of commerce, administration, and higher education), Arabic (widely spoken in Zanzibar), many local languages

    note: Kiswahili (Swahili) is the mother tongue of the Bantu people living in Zanzibar and nearby coastal Tanzania; although Kiswahili is Bantu in structure and origin, its vocabulary draws on a variety of sources including Arabic and English; it has become the lingua franca of central and eastern Africa; the first language of most is one of the local languages
  • Largest Cities: (by population) Dar es Salaam, Mwanza, Zanzibar, Morogoro, Mbeya, Tanga
  • Name: unknown
  • National Day: April 26
  • Religion: mainland - Christian 30%, Muslim 35%, indigenous 35%; Zanzibar - more than 99% Muslim
  • Symbols
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