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Located in the fertile coastal plain of French rule in 1830. 

Algeria's modern borders were created by the  Algeria finally broke free, and gained its long-sought after independence in 1962. Ahmed Ben Bella was elected the first president, and under his ruling the new government grew increasingly socialistic and authoritative. 

In 1965, Houari Boumedienne overthrew Ben Bella, and although he relied heavily on the army, the socialism trend continued. 

A referendum in 1996 introduced new changes to the constitution, and a 1999 presidential election cast Abdelaziz Bouteflika into a five-year term. 

Bouteflika's main concern was restoring the security and stability of the combat-ridden country, and his efforts were rewarded with a second five-year term in 2004. 

Today Algeria is recovering and developing into an emerging economy, and natural gas and oil profits are being used to improve the infrastructure of the country. 

The Romans and remains one of the most exotic destinations on the planet founded Algiers, the capital city, in the 10th century. Algeria is the largest country in Mediterranean Sea coastline. 

This huge landmass is dominated by the Atlas Mountains of the north and the vast barren reaches of the Sahara Desert, central and south. In fact the country is over 80% desert, including (3) gigantic sand seas.

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