Native Birds Of Algeria

A horned grebe.
A horned grebe.

Algeria is a country located in North Africa that borders the Mediterranean Sea. It is the largest African country, with an area of 919,595 square kilometers. The country is a haven for bird species. Over 400 bird species are found in Algeria. The Algerian Nuthatch is the only native bird species in the country. The Rock Petronia, Brambling, and Horned Grebe are some of the bird varieties found in Algeria.

Algerian Nuthatch

Algerian nuthatch (Sitta ledanti) is a small bird only found in mountain forest areas of Algeria. The bird is smaller compared to the Eurasian nuthatch with an average length of 13.5cm. It has a strong bill and feet. The bird inhabits woodland and high altitude areas above 1,000meters. Algerian nuthatch feeds on insects, seeds, and nuts. The Algerian nuthatch can climb down a tree a unique trait to nuthatches. The bird population has significantly dropped to about 2,000 bird pairs. The decline can be attributed to the bird’s specific ecological requirements and destruction of the bird’s habitat.

Horned Grebe

Horned Grebe (Podiceps auritus) is a water bird that has distinct features. The bird has a black head with brown tufts on the sides, red eyes and neck, and a black bill that is white on the tip. Horn grebes breed in freshwater areas that have vegetation. It feeds on fish and insects. The bird moves to coastal areas in winter. Horned grebe is a bird under threat. The main threat is the destruction of its natural habitat by human activity such as oil spills. Protection of the bird’s habitat is one of the conservation measures taken to protect the bird species. The birds are also closely monitored to ensure that the population decline is stopped.

Rock Petronia

Rock Petronia (Petronia Petronia) is a small bird species native to North Africa and some European nations. It is found in rocky, arid, and stony fields. It feeds on seeds and insects in crevices and under small rocks. The bird’s breeding season starts in April and runs through July. The bird species is not under threat because they are abundant and no signs of decline in their population. Its population has increased steadily over the years and hence it is not an endangered species.


Brambling (Fringilla montifringilla) is a small bird species also known as the mountain finch. The bird exists in a wide range of geographical areas. The bird migrates during the breeding season to the forests in Asia and Northern Europe. In winter, it moves to southern Europe, North Africa, Northern India, China, and Japan. Bramblings feed on seeds and insects. Although the Brambling population has declined, the species is not under threat of extinction due to its wide range of existence and large population.

Algeria is home to countless bird species. While some of the birds permanently reside in Algeria, other are migratory and only pass through Algeria. Algeria’s vast landscape provides suitable habitats for a variety of birds from wading birds to songbirds, raptors to waterfowl. The country is a popular destination for bird watchers. Some of the bird species face the threat of extinction due to human interference. Conservation efforts are underway to protect vulnerable bird species.

The Native Birds Of Algeria

Native Birds of AlgeriaScientific Name
Algerian nuthatch
Sitta ledanti
Horned grebe
Podiceps auritus
Rock petronia
Petronia petronia
Fringilla montifringilla
Branta bernicla
Gypaetus barbatus
Cretzschmar's bunting
Emberiza caesia
Eurasian magpie
Pica pica
Desert wheatear
Oenanthe deserti
Levaillant's woodpecker
Picus vaillantii

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