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Algeria History Timeline

Algeria's Information

Flag of Algeria
Land Area 2,381,741 km2
Total Area 2,381,741km2 (#10)
Population 40,263,711 (#33)
Population Density 16.91/km2
Government Type Presidential Republic
GDP (PPP) $609.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $15,000
Currency Dinar (DZD)
More Information Algeria
Largest Cities

3000BC - 700AD

  • (3000BC) Berber people settled coastal regions of north Africa
  • (1000BC) Phoenicians colonized Algerian coast
  • (200BC) Kingdom of Numidia in northern Algeria established by Massinissa
  • (148BC) Massinissa died during siege of Carthage
  • (148BC) Romans created protectorate over Numidia, divided between three of Massinissa's sons
  • (46BC) Julius Caesar formed new province of Africa Nova from Numidia
  • (429AD) Roman rule ended following invasion of the Vandals
  • (432AD) Vandals ruled complete region
  • (683) Arab invasion introduced Islam to region
700 - 1400
  • (702) Arabs conquered all of Algeria
  • (784) Rustamid dynasty established by Abd al-Wahhab
  • (1000s) Almoravids from Morocco conquered much of northwest Africa, from Morocco, across to Algeria and up into Spain
1500 - 1700
  • (1505) Spain took control of Mers el Kebir
  • (1509) Spanish captured city of Oran
  • (1510) Spanish controlled cities of Tlemcen, Mostaganem, Tenes
  • (1516) Greco-Turkish pirate, Aroudj Barbarossa, established Algiers
  • (1518) Aroudj Barbarossa killed by Spaniards
  • (1530 - 1549) Khayr Ad-Din (Redbeard), united Algeria and Tunisia as military states under Ottoman rule
  • (1541) Spanish troops besieged Algiers
  • (1620 - 1621) Plague struck Algiers killing 30,000 to 50,000
  • (1681) Regency of Algiers declared war on France
  • (1681) French Royal Navy ship captured by Barbary pirates, captain and crew sold into slavery at Algiers
  • (1708) Turks seized Oran from Spanish
  • (1732) Spanish reoccupied Oran
  • (1790) Earthquake struck Oran, destroyed most of the town; 3,000 people buried by rubble
  • (1797) French ordered wheat from Algiers, wheat was delivered but never paid as French considered the interest rates to be usurious
Ads by BlockAndSurfAd Options1800s
  • (1801 - 1805) First Barbary War fought between United States and Barbary States
  • (1815) Second Barbary War fought between USA and Tripoli, Tunis and Algeria, ended piracy in the Barbary States region
  • (1830) France invaded Algeria; Ottoman officials were exiled
  • (1834) French appointed governor-general for Algeria, began colonization and settlement
  • (1837) Constantine, the last Ottoman stronghold in Algeria, taken by the French
  • (1839) French resistance leader, Abd el-Kader, declared war on the French
  • (1841) French General Thomas Robert Bugeaud defeated army supporting Abd el-Kader
  • (1847) France gained control of entire region
  • (1847) France determined any land not in use in Algeria could be appropriated for French settlers
  • (1848) Algeria recognized as being an integral part of France
  • (1867) Cholera killed over 7,000
  • (1868) Famine killed 35,000
  • (1881) Departments of Algiers, Oran and Constantine incorporated into metropolitan France
  • (1889) French citizenship granted to all Europeans born in Algeria
  • (1902) Present borders of Algeria established
  • (1924) Communist Party of Algeria formed as branch of French Communist Party
  • (1934) Rioters attacked Jewish shops, homes in Constantine, 27 killed, 29 injured
  • (1937) Parti du Peuple Algerina (Algerian People's Party) founded by Algerian nationalist, Messali Hadj, operated underground
  • (1938) Ferhat Abbas formed Union Populaire Algerienne (Algerian Popular Union), called for equal rights for Algerian Muslims, preservation of native culture
  • (1939) France declared war on Germany; 350,000 from French North Africa mobilized
  • (1940) British destroyed French battle fleet at Oran, 1267 killed
  • (1942) Allied forces seized control of French Vichy administration of Algeria; became base for Free French
  • (1945) Demonstrations for independence turned violent in Setif, French troops called in, thousands of Muslims were killed
  • (1946) Ferhat Abbas formed Union Democratique du Manifeste Algerian (Democratic Union of Algerian Manifesto), called for creation of independent Algeria, rather than province of France
  • (1947) Organisation Speciale (OS, Special organization) formed as paramilitary arm
  • (1949) OS attacked central post office in Oran
  • (1950) French arrested several leaders of OS, Ahmed Ben Bella sentenced to eight years in prison for the attack on the post office
  • (1952) Ahmed Ben Bella escaped from prison, fled to Cairo
  • (1954) Earthquake in Orleansville killed 1,460
  • (1954) Guerrilla attacks in Aures Mountains started the struggle for Algeria's independence
  • (1954) 450,000 French troops deployed to Algeria to combat the Algerian liberation forces
  • (1956) Battle of Algiers began; France build electric fences along borders with Morocco and Tunisia
  • (1956) French intercepted Moroccan plane, arrested Algerian statesman, Ben Bella
  • (1956 - 1959) French placed millions of minefields along eastern, western borders of Algeria
  • (1962) Formal ceasefire agreement, the Evian Accords, signed with agreement to hold referendum on Algeria's independence
  • (1962) Independence declared; Ben Bella elected Prime Minister, Abderrahmane Fares as President of Provisional Executive
  • (1963) Following referendum on the constitution, Ahmed Ben Bella became president
  • (1965) Ben Bella's government was overthrown by former ally and defense minister, Colonel Houari Boumediene and Revolutionary Council; pledged to end corruption in government

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