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Maps of Central African Republic

Physical Map of Central African Republic showing state boundaries, relief, major rivers, extreme points, national parks, etc. worldatlas.com graphic maps democractic republic of the congo congo cameroon chad congo river large CAR map south sudan congo river sudan

The Central African Republic is located in the heart of Africa where it occupies an area of 622,984 sq. km. 

As observed on the physical map of the country above, a large part of it is covered by a flat or rolling plateau with an average elevation of about 500 m above sea level. 

The Fertit Hills lie to the northeast and the Karre Mountains to the west. As marked on the map by an upright triangle, the highest point in the country, the 1,410 m high Mount Ngaoui is located in this region. 

The tributaries of the Congo River run across the southern border of the country. The Ubangi River is the major river here and is formed by the convergence of the Uele and Mbomou Rivers. The Sangha River, as marked on the map, is important in western CAR.

Prefecture and Communes Map of Central African Republic

The Central African Republic is divided into 16 prefectures and an autonomous commune. The prefectures are subdivided into 71 sub-prefectures.

The 16 prefectures are Bamingui-Bangoran, Basse-Kotto, Haute-Kotto, Haut-Mbomou, Kemo, Lobaye, Mambere-Kadei, Mbomou, Nana-Grebizi, Nana-Mambere, Ombella-Mpoko, Ouaka, Ouham, Ouham-Pende, Sangha-Mbaere, and Vakaga.

The autonomous commune is Bangui which is the national capital of the country.

With an area of 86,650 sq. km, Haute-Kotto is the largest prefecture by area and Bangui is the most populous administrative division.

Where is Central African Republic?

Map showing location of Central African Republic in the world. Europe Middle East Africa Angola Atlantic Ocean Atlantic Ocean Mediterranean Sea Arabian Sea Indian Ocean Tropic of Capricorn Equator Prime Meridian worldatlas.com worldatlas.com Tropic of Cancer

The Central African Republic or CAR is located in Central Africa in the Northern and Eastern Hemispheres of the Earth. Six countries border CAR. These are Chad, Sudan, and South Sudan to the north, northeast, and southeast respectively. The DRC, the Republic of the Congo, and Cameroon bound CAR to the south, southwest, and west respectively.

Central African Republic Bordering Countries: The Congo, South Sudan, The Sudan, Cameroon, The Democratic Republic Of The Congo, Chad.

Regional Maps: Map of Africa

Outline Map of Central African Republic

This outline map shows the entire country of the Central African Republic. It is located in the heart of Africa and is surrounded by six countries.

Key Facts

Legal Name Central African Republic
Flag of Central African Republic
Capital City Bangui
4 22 N, 18 35 E
Total Area 622,984.00 km2
Land Area 622,984.00 km2
Water Area N/A
Population 4,745,185
Largest City

Bangui (958,335)

Currency Cooperation Financiere en Afrique Centrale francs (XAF)
GDP $2.22 Billion
GDP Per Capita $467.91

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