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Physical Map of Chad

Physical Map of Chad with state boundaries, relief, major rivers, Lake Chad, mountain ranges, and important cities.
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Chad is a landlocked country in North-Central Africa occupying an area of 1,284,000 sq. km. 

The map illustrates the country of Chad. In the northern reaches of the country, the Tibesti Mountains dominate the landscape of the surrounding Sahara Desert. 

As observed on the map, the Sahel region, on the southern edges of the ever-expanding Sahara Desert to the north, is a transition zone between the dry areas of the north and the tropical areas of the south. It receives very little rain, and most of the vegetation is a savanna growth of sparse grasses and shrubs. 

The land rises into the Ennedi and Wadai plateaus along the eastern border with Sudan, where elevations reach near 609 m. In the south, the forested land is nourished by the Chari and Logone Rivers both of which have been marked on the map. 

Lake Chad is located in the centre of the western frontier. It has an elevation of 281 m. During the monsoon rains, Lake Chad often overflows, causing floods in the lowland depression of the south. 

The highest point of Chad is Emi Koussi, which rises 3,415 m in the northern mountains. The lowest point of the country is the Djourab Depression at 160 m. Both these extreme points have been marked on the map above.

    Regions Map of Chad

    Political map of Chad showing the 23 regions of the country, their capital cities including the national capital of N’Djamena.
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    The administrative divisions of Chad have changed several times since 1900. Currently, the country is divided into 23 regions. In alphabetical order, these regions are: Barh el Gazel, Batha, Borkou, Chari-Baguirmi, Ennedi-Est, Ennedi-Ouest, Guera, Hadjer-Lamis, Kanem, Lac, Logone Occidental, Logone Oriental, Mandoul, Mayo-Kebbi Est, Mayo-Kebbi Ouest, Moyen-Chari, Ouaddai, Salamat, Sila, Tandjile, Tibesti, Ville de N'Djamena, and Wadi Fira.

    The capital city of the country N’Djamena is located in the region of the same name.

    Where is Chad?

    Where is Chad?
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    The north-central African country of Chad lies in the Northern and Eastern Hemispheres of the Earth. It is a landlocked country that shares its land boundaries with six countries. These are Libya, Sudan, and the Central African Republic to the north, east, and south respectively. It is also bordered by Cameroon and Nigeria to the southwest, and Niger to the west.

    Chad Bordering Countries: The Central African Republic, The Sudan, Nigeria, Cameroon, Libya, The Niger.

    Regional Maps: Map of Africa

    Outline Map of Chad

    Outline Map of Chad.

    This outline map shows landlocked African country of Chad.

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    Blank Outline Map of Chad

    Blank outline map of Chad. Can be used for coloring. Free download and print out for educational, school, or classroom use.

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    Key Facts

    Legal Name Republic of Chad
    Capital City N'Djamena
    12 06 N, 15 02 E
    Independence 11 August 1960 (from France)


    Total Area 1,000,000 km2
    Land Area 1,259,200 km2
    Water Area 24,800 km2
    Total Border 6,406 km
    Coastline 0 km
    Bordering Countries Cameroon 1116 km, Central African Republic 1556 km, Libya 1050 km, Niger 1196 km, Nigeria 85 km, Sudan 1403 km
    Climate Tropical in south, desert in north
    Coordinates 15 00 N, 19 00 E
    Mean Elevation 543 m
    Lowest Elevation 160 m
    Highest Elevation 3,445 m
    Emi Koussi


    Population 15,946,876
    Ethnic Groups Sara (Ngambaye/Sara/Madjingaye/Mbaye) 30.5%, Kanembu/Bornu/Buduma 9.8%, Arab 9.7%, Wadai/Maba/Masalit/Mimi 7%, Gorane 5.8%, Masa/Musseye/Musgum 4.9%, Bulala/Medogo/Kuka 3.7%, Marba/Lele/Mesme 3.5%, Mundang 2.7%, Bidiyo/Migaama/Kenga/Dangleat 2.5%, Dadjo/Kibet/Muro 2.4%, Tupuri/Kera 2%, Gabri/Kabalaye/Nanchere/Somrai 2%, Fulani/Fulbe/Bodore 1.8%, Karo/Zime/Peve 1.3%, Baguirmi/Barma 1.2%, Zaghawa/Bideyat/Kobe 1.1%, Tama/Assongori/Mararit 1.1%, Mesmedje/Massalat/Kadjakse 0.8%, other Chadian ethnicities 3.4%, Chadians of foreign ethnicities 0.9%, foreign nationals 0.3%, unspecified 1.7% (2014-15 est.)
    Languages French (official), Arabic (official), Sara (in south), more than 120 different languages and dialects
    Religions Muslim 52.1%, Protestant 23.9%, Roman Catholic 20%, animist 0.3%, other Christian 0.2%, none 2.8%, unspecified 0.7% (2014-15 est.)


    Currency Cooperation Financiere en Afrique Centrale francs (XAF)
    GDP $11.31 Billion
    GDP Per Capita $709.54
    Exports Oil, livestock, cotton, sesame, gum arabic, shea butter

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