25 Countries That Import The Most Apples

Due to the fruits' longstading associations with healthy lifestyles has led to the adage: "An apple a day, keeps the doctor away".
Due to the fruits' longstading associations with healthy lifestyles has led to the adage: "An apple a day, keeps the doctor away".

Apples are not only consumed as a raw fruit, but also used in the preparation of sauces, pies, jams, and much more. Apples are available in many varieties, such as sweet, tart, slightly tart, and others, and each caters to specific culinary demands that vary greatly across the globe. Therefore, naturally a great demand for apples exists worldwide. While these fruits are most productive in cool climes, apples are widely grown in many countries having moderately warm temperatures during summer as well. Many countries have a huge domestic demand for this nutritious fruit and, in order to cope with this demand, they must import apples in large quantities from leading apple producers abroad.

Russia - The World's Top Apple Importer

Russia, with an annual import of approximate 1,300,000 metric tons of apples, is the undisputed leading apple importer of our world today. One major reason behind this top position as a top importer is a trend towards eating cool weather fruits in Russia, and a concurrent inadequate production of apples within the country itself. There is also a growing trend among Russian city dwellers to prefer imported apples over local Russian produce, including apples. Health awareness is at its peak in Russia, with no dearth of restaurants promoting nutritious eating throughout most of the country. Many start-ups have invested substantially to provide healthy meals to students and office workers, and these meals often feature fresh or processed apples. There is an emphasis on eating a home-cooked meal with fresh ingredients in Russia, and people do not prefer to buy ready-made meals. People consume apples in multiple ways there, including baked apples, raw apples, and many was more, Any was they choose to eat them, apples proffer consumers in Russia and elsewhere a richness of health-promoting vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, not to mention great taste.

Other Top Apple Importers

According to a multinational study conducted by a team of Harvard Medical School researchers, the cost of eating a well-rounded healthy diet comprising of more vegetables, fruits, nuts, and can become slightly more expensive, increasing food expenditures by an increment of approximately $1.50 per day over the least healthy diets. That said, a certain developed and developing countries are earning higher per capita incomes and growing more aware of the health benefits of apples, they are also importing apples in greater quantities. Some of these falling in right behind Russia in terms of apple imports are Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and China. These countries' high domestic demands for apple are largely fuelled by a growing consciousness towards eating healthy food, and increased purchasing power has contributed a lot towards this trend of increased apple imports. Of these, except for China, no other country produces apple in a large quantity while importing the same from other leading apple producers. Mexico, Spain, France, Canada, and the United States are also steadily increasing their annual apple consumption, and are among the top 10 apple importers in the world as well.

Purchasing Power & Health Awareness Drive Apple Imports

All of the leading apple importers in the world boast of a stable and good economy. Low inflation rates and growing health awareness in regards to eating healthy food have driven the increase in imports of apples into these countries. Those countries that are not economically sound or are underdeveloped cannot import apples in as large of quantities, and foreign apples can become expensive fruits in comparison to other fruits, such as bananas and mangoes. This means it will be difficult for such countries to have the adequate purchasing power necessary to drive an increase in domestic demand for apples, which is necessary to become a top importer. No matter where one lives, however, apples, being one of the most nutritious fruits to "keep the doctor away", seem to be a natural choice for those wishing to stay healthy.

Countries Who Import The Most Apples

RankCountryImported Apples (tons)
1Russian Federation1,352,347
3United Kingdom479,667
10United States198,746
12Saudi Arabia189,295
14United Arab Emirates172,726
23Hong Kong114,526

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