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The 10 Least Populated Countries Of Europe

The Vatican City, San Marino, and Liechtenstein rank as the three least populated European countries.

According to the United Nations, as of 2010, Europe hosts a population of 740 million, accounting for about 11% of the global population. Here is a list of the 10 least populated countries of the continent:

10. Cyprus - 1.1 million

#10 Cyprus - 1.1 million

The most populous Mediterranean island, Cyprus is located in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea. As per World Bank data, the country is estimated to have a population of 1,170,130 people (2016 estimates), making it the 10th least populated country in Europe. The life expectancy at birth in Cyprus is 79.35 years. 98.8% of the nation’s population is ethnic Greek in origin. The majority of the population of Greek descent identify as Greek Orthodox. Turkish Cypriots comprise the second major ethnic group in Cyprus and most are adherents of Sunni Islam. The life expectancy at birth here is 81.31 years and the TFR is 1.44 births per woman.

9. Montenegro - 622,780

#9 Montenegro - 622,780

The Southeast European country of Montenegro with a coastline on the Adriatic Sea is the ninth smallest nation in Europe by population. The population of the country has been estimated to be 622,780. More than 90% of the nation’s population has a Slavic origin. The life expectancy at birth of the population is 76.34 years and the TFR is 1.68 births per woman.

8. Luxembourg - 582,970

#8 Luxembourg - 582,970

Luxembourg is a small nation bounded by land on all sides. The European nations of Germany, France, and Belgium share borders with the country. Luxembourg has a total area of about 2,586 square km and an estimated population of 582,970 (2016). The inhabitants of the country are known as Luxembourgers. The biggest ethnic minority here is the Portuguese-origin people. Roman Catholicism is the religion of the majority. The life expectancy at birth is 79.03 years and the TFR is 1.61 children born per woman.

7. Malta - 436,950

#7 Malta - 436,950

One of the world’s most densely populated countries, Malta is an island nation in the Mediterranean Sea. The country encompasses an area of only about 316 square km. The country’s population is 436,950 (2016 estimate, World Bank). Malta has a highly homogeneous population in terms of ethnicity with the majority being ethnic Maltese. 98% of the population are Roman Catholics which is the state religion of the nation. The life expectancy at birth is 81.95 years (2015) and the TFR is 1.42 births per woman.

6. Iceland - 334,250

#6 Iceland - 334,250

Occupying an area of 103,000 square km on the North Atlantic Ocean, Iceland is an island country with a population of only 334,250. It is thus one of the least densely populated nations in the world. 93% of the population are ethnic Icelanders. 99% of the population inhabits urban areas and nearly 60% live in the Capital Region. Christianity is the predominant religion here. The life expectancy at birth is high at 83.0 years. The total fertility rate here is 1.93 births per woman.

5. Monaco - 38,500

#5 Monaco - 38,500

The Western European nation of Monaco is one of the smallest in the world. Located on the French Riviera, this microstate is bounded on three sides by France. The Mediterranean Sea washes the shores of the remaining side. Monaco has an area of only 2.02 square km. Despite the small area, the country houses a population of 38,500, making it the world’s most densely populated country. The population density here is about 19,009 per square km. As of 2012, the life expectancy at birth is 89.68 years. As of 2015, the TFR is 2.6 children born per woman. 47% of the population is comprised of ethnic French people. Monegasque and Italians are next two biggest ethnic groups. 90% of the population practice Roman Catholicism.

4. Liechtenstein - 37,670

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Europe’s 4th smallest country by size and third least populated country, Liechtenstein is located in Central Europe where it is landlocked by Austria and Switzerland. The alpine microstate has a population of only 37,670 living in an area of about 160 square km. The major ethnic group in Liechtenstein is the ethnic Alemannic. 87.9% of the population is Christian. Life expectancy at birth here is 81.5 years. As of 2011, the TFR is 1.69 children born per woman.

3. San Marino - 33,200

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Located on the Italian Peninsula and surrounded on all sides by Italy, the microstate of San Marino is the second least populated nation of Europe. The country covers an area of about 61 square km and accommodates a population of 33,200. Italians and the native Sanmarinese constitute the majority of the population of the country. 99% of the population is Roman Catholic. The life expectancy at birth in the country is 81.14 and the total fertility rate (TFR) is 1.5 children born per woman.

2. Vatican City - 1,000

#2 Vatican City - 1,000

The world’s smallest nation by size and population, the Vatican City State is located within the Italian capital city of Rome. The country has a population of only about 1,000 living in an area of only 0.44 square km. The citizens of the Vatican are primarily either clergy, officials of the state, and the Swiss Guard. All places of worship and all citizens residing here are affiliated wi the Catholic faith.

1. Andorra - 77,280

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Located in southwestern Europe and surrounded by land on all sides, Andorra is a mountainous microstate in the Eastern Pyrenees region. With an area of 468 square km, Andorra is the continents 6th smallest nation. It houses a population of only 77,280, making it the continent’s 5th least populated nation. Ethnic Andorrans are surprisingly a minority in their own country (33% of the population) while the Portuguese, French, and Spanish form the majority of the population. 90.1% of the population are Roman Catholics. The life expectancy at birth in Andorra is 82.65 years. The TFR is 1.38 children born per woman (2014).

The 10 Least Populated Countries Of Europe

RankCountryPopulation (2016)
1Vatican City1,000
2San Marino33,200

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