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European Countries Who Are Not Part of the European Union

A list of countries that are not a part of the European Union despite their geographic location in Europe.


The European Union is an eco-political union made up of 28 countries which are primarily located in Europe. However, there are other countries which are in Europe hence within the EU radius but are not part of the union for one reason or the other.

European Countries Who Are Not Part of the European Union


Despite being within the EU territories, Albania is not part of the European Union. However, it has been a “potential candidate country” since 2000 when it was recognized. Since June 2014 it has been an official candidate for European Union accession. It has been engaged extensively with EU institutions like NATO.


The relationship between Belarus and European Union is not smooth. This is despite the fact that Belarus is in Eastern Europe. When Alexander Lukashenko became the leader of Belarus in 1994, the relationship between the country and the union deteriorated. In fact, the European Union did exclude Belarus form its ENP policy that is a relations instrument with those countries surrounding it. The ENP stands for European Neighbourhood Policy.

3.Bosnia and Herzegovina

Just like Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina have also been recognized as a “potential candidate country” by the EU since 2003. The country did apply formally for the membership of EU in February 2016 with a response yet to be given from the EU Council.


Kosovo declared its independence officially from Serbia on 17th February 2008. However, the country is gradually integrating its economic, legal and social matters with EU to ensure that in the near future it gets included in the European Union. Currently, it is only recognized as a “potential candidate.”


Macedonia is found in Europe, but it is yet to be recognized as a member of the European Union. Since 2005, it has been a candidate for EU accession and is currently on the Union’s agenda. Macedonia submitted membership application back in the year 2004. One of the reasons its accession has stalled is Greece’s objection to its name, Macedonia that has made the EU refer to it as “Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.” The other one is that Bulgaria, a member of EU, does not recognize the people of Macedonia as a dissimilar ethnic group. The accession of Macedonia to the EU is currently being described as a “Medium to long-term” vision.


Many other countries are in the European zone but still not members of the European Union. For instance, Russia is competing against EU. Moldova, a country in Eastern Europe is not a member of the EU but is affiliated to it through the ENP. Serbia applied for accession to the European Union officially on December 7, 2009, and received full candidate status on March 1, 2012. It is however yet to be fully accessed by the European Union. Norway is not a member of the union, but it still is working very closely with it just like Ukraine. Accession to the EU means an admission of a country to the EU.

Which Countries Are Not a Part of the European Union?

Some European countries that are not in the European Union are Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, and Macedonia. Other countries include Norway, Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland, and, as of 2019, the United Kingdom.

European Countries Who Are Not Part of the European Union

European Countries Who Aren't a Member of the European Union
Bosnia and Herzegovina


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