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Countries With the Longest Land Borders

Canada and the United States share the longest land border in the world, followed by Kazakhstan and Russia and Argentina and Chile.

30. 1. Canada - United States - 8,893

Canada, the world’s second largest country, shares the longest international land border with the United States. The border is divided into two: border shared with Canada by the continental United States and the border that Alaska shares with northern Canada. The Canada-US land border is 8,893 km long.

29. 2. Kazakhstan - Russia - 6,846

The second longest land border in the world is the Kazakhstan-Russia border that is 6,846 km in length. Russia, the world’s largest nation, shares its land borders with 14 countries. The Kazakhstan border is to the south of Russia.

28. 3. Argentina - Chile - 5,300

Chile is approximately a quarter of Argentina’s size. The two countries share the third longest border in the world that is 5,300 km long.

27. 4. China - Mongolia - 4,677

The China-Mongolia land border is 4,677 km long. China, the 3rd largest country in the world, shares its 22,147 km long borders with 16 nations. However, the country to its north-Mongolia-shares the longest border with China.

26. 5. China - Russia - 4,209

The China-Russia land border is 4,209 km long. These countries, which are among the largest states in the world, share the fifth longest land border in the world.

25. 6. China - India - 4,057

The 4,057 km long China-India land border is the sixth longest in the world. It is situated in more than one place. However, the main border is along the “Line of Actual Control” located around the Kashmir region.

24. 7. Bangladesh - India - 4,053

India and Bangladesh share a 4,053 km long border. This border is 5% of India’s size resulting from it being split into 199 various segments.

23. 8. Mongolia - Russia - 3,485

The eighth longest land border in the world is shared by Russia and Mongolia. It is 3,485 km long. Mongolia has only two land borders, one with China and one with Russia.

22. 9. Mexico - United States - 3,145

The Mexico-United States land border is 3,145 km in length. It is the ninth longest land border in the world. Additionally, it is also the most frequently crossed boundary in the world. There are approximately 350 million crossings across the Mexico-United States border every year.

21. 10. India - Pakistan - 2,912

The India-Pakistan international land border is 2,912 km long. Created by the Radcliffe line in 1947, the border runs from the “Line of Control” to Wagah.

20. 11. Angola - Democratic Republic of the Congo - 2,646

Angola shares a 2,646 km long border with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). However, sometimes Angola has had to close its border with DRC due to security reasons.

19. 12. Afghanistan - Pakistan - 2,430

The Afghanistan-Pakistan border is 2,430 km long. It has experienced lots of militant infiltration. Consequently, in 2017, Pakistan’s military built a fence along the border to increase security.

18. 13. Democratic Republic of the Congo - Zambia - 2,332

The 2,332 km long land border between the DRC and Zambia is located south of the DRC. The border covers the distance from Lake Tanganyika to the DRC-Angola-Zambia tripoint west of the lake.

17. 14. Mali - Mauritania - 2,237

The Mali-Mauritania border is 2,237 km long. In recent times Mali-based al-Qaeda terror groups have threatened the peace along this border.

16. 15. South Sudan - Sudan - 2,184

Since the independence of South Sudan from Sudan in 2011, the relations between the two nations have been frantic. Nevertheless, they share a 2,184 km long land border.

15. 16. Russia - Ukraine - 1,974

The Russia-Ukraine border is 1,974 km long. It has been in existence since August 1991 when Ukraine attained its independence.

14. 17. Saudi Arabia - Yemen - 1,800

The world's 17th longest international land border is between Saudi Arabia and Yemen. It is 1,800 km long. A three meters high physical barrier exists along this border.

13. 18. India - Nepal - 1,758

The 1,758 km long India-Nepal border is open. Consequently, the Nepalese and Indians move freely across the borders. They do not need passports or visas to move from one country to another.

12. 19. Central African Republic - Democratic Republic of the Congo - 1,747

The Central African Republic (CAR) is a landlocked state. It shares a 1,747 long border with DRC. Following the March 2013 coup by Seleka rebels, CAR’s borders have experienced criminal and political violence.

11. 20. India - Myanmar - 1,643

The India-Myanmar land border is 1,643 km long. The two governments have recently been engaging in measures to boost security along the borders and manage potential infiltration.

10. 21. Algeria - Morocco - 1,559

Algeria and Morocco share a 1,559 km long international land border. However, these nations have had many conflicts regarding armed Islamic terrorist groups. As a result, since 1994, the border has been closed.

9. 22. Central African Republic - Chad - 1,556

The Central African Republic-Chad border is 1,556 km long. In the past, Chad has had to close this border because of waves of killings in CAR.

8. 23. Chad - Sudan - 1,403

The 1,403 km long border between Chad and Sudan is the 23 rd longest international border in the world. A peace treaty signed by both countries in 2008 aimed at ending the frequent cross-border rebel attacks that occurred at the time.

7. 24. Algeria - Mali - 1,376

The Algeria-Mali border is 1,376 km long. Relations between the two nations have been severed by the fear of terrorist attacks by militants. The fear has led to Algeria fortifying the borders to secure its land from any such attacks.

6. 25. Angola - Namibia - 1,376

Angola-Namibia border is 1,376 in length. The linear part of the border starts from the west (Kunene River) to the east (Okavango River).

5. 26. Botswana - Namibia - 1,360

The Botswana-Namibia border is 1,360 km long. At the border of these two countries, the Chobe River is found. Suspected poachers have been killed along the river.

4. 27. Algeria - Mauritania - 1,359

The Algeria-Mauritania border stretches across 1,359 km of land. In 2017 they agreed to open their borders to each other in order to grow their economies.

3. 28. Finland - Russia - 1,340

The border shared by Finland and Russia is 1,340 km long. The border runs through the taiga forests and minimally inhabited rural areas.

2. 29. Egypt - Sudan - 1,275

The Egypt-Sudan border is 1,275 long. A common dispute existing between the two nations is concerning the Hala’ib Triangle. Both countries claim the 20,500 square kilometers land that make up the triangle.

1. 30. China - Nepal - 1,236

The China-Nepal border is 1,236 km long. It covers the Himalayas range and passes through Mount Everest which is the highest mountain in the world.

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