Which Countries Don't Have Rivers?

Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the world that doesn't have a river.
  • Saudi Arabia is the largest country that doesn't have a river.
  • The Vatican is the smallest city-state on earth and has no rivers.
  • Tongo, Yemen, and Qatar also do not have rivers.

Rivers are long natural streams of flowing water that flow to other bodies of water like river, lake, sea or the ocean. Some rivers flow into the ground and dry up before reaching a water body. Most rivers flow all year long while others flow only during the wet seasons. Streams can be found in all the world’s continents on different terrains, but there are numerous nations that don’t have a river. Some of the countries with no rivers include:

The Bahamas

The Bahamas is an archipelagic state situated in the Lucayan Archipelago. The Bahamas is made up of over seven hundred islets, cays, and islands in the Atlantic Ocean. The country has a tropical savannah climate. The state has a collection of lakes but no rivers. However, the Bahamas has numerous tidal creeks that look like rivers.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the biggest sovereign nation in the Middle East and the fifth-largest Asian state. It is the biggest nation in the world without a river. It is also the only country with both the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea coasts. A considerable part of Saudi Arabia is made up of mountains, lowlands, and arid deserts. Even though Saudi Arabia does not have permanent rivers, it has several wadis. Wadis are intermittently or permanently dry river beds. The supply of water in the country is characterized by a crucial investment in water distribution, seawater desalination and wastewater and sewerage treatment.


Libya is a sovereign North African state that occupies an area of about 679,363 sq miles. It is ranked as the sixteenth largest country in the world. Libya has numerous wadis and its one of the driest and sunniest states in the world. The Libyan Desert that occupies a bigger part of the country is the most sun-baked and arid place on Earth. Libya has no rivers; therefore, it depends on the Great Man-made River (the biggest irrigation project on earth which is made up of a network of pipes that supply water to Libya).

Vatican City

The Vatican is the smallest city-state on earth and occupies an area of about 0.17 sq miles. It is surrounded by Rome, and it has no rivers or any other natural resources. It has the same climate as Rome with dry, hot summers and rainy winters. Vatican City is an urban city with no land set aside for natural resources exploitation or agriculture.


Bahrain is an island state in the Persian Gulf. The country is made up of a small archipelago that is centered on the island of Bahrain. Bahrain is positioned between the northeastern coast of Saudi Arabia and the Qatar peninsula. It is linked to Saudi Arabia by the 16 mile-long King Fahd Causeway. It is a flat and arid archipelago that is made up of a low desert plain. Bahrain has irregular and minimal rainfall that occurs in winter. Bahrain has numerous lakes and no rivers.

Countries With No Rivers

RankCountries Without Rivers
9Marshall Islands
14Saudi Arabia
17United Arab Emirates
18Vatican City

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