About Economy

Money makes the world go 'round – or so they say. However, whether or not you align with this ethos, there is no denying that a country's economy is a very important part of its fabric. From the largest economies in the world to smaller economies, every country has an economy that is unique to it. 

Economy Trivia

What is the Strongest Currency in Asia?

The Kuwaiti Dinar ranks as the wealthiest currency of Asia, followed by the Bahraini Dinar and the Omani Rial.

The Strongest Currencies in Asia

What is the World's Largest Software Company?

Microsoft, founded on April 4, 1975, is the biggest software company in the world with headquarters located in Redmond, Washington in the US. It has an annual sales rate of $97.58 billion

The Biggest Software Companies Operating In The World Today

What are the Biggest Industries in France?

One of the major industries in France is the energy sector. Manufacturing is also among the largest industries in France, accounting for billions of dollars in the country's GDP.

The Biggest Industries in France

Which Are The Biggest Industries In China?

The manufacturing, mining, energy, and agricultural industries are China's largest industries. Manufacturing is by far the biggest industry in China accounting for 46.8% of the country’s GDP.

The Biggest Industries In China

What are quaternary activities?

This group of activities includes all of those that are provided in special environments. A good example would be health services, which we can only get in hospitals.

What Are The 4 Types Of Economic Activity?

What is a least developed country?

A least developed country is one that ranks extremely low on the Human Development Index (HDI) when compared to other countries in the world. A low HDI ranking suggests low life expectancies, low per capita incomes, low educational attainment, and high fertility rates (among other indicators). Most of these least developed countries are located in Africa, with a few exceptions.

The World's Least Developed Countries

What's The Average Income In The US?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) reported the average wage in the US was $47,060 in 2019.

What's The Average Income In The US?

What's The Most Expensive State To Live In?

Hawaii is regarded as the most expensive state to live in.

What's The Most Expensive State To Live In?