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Maps of North Dakota

Physical Map of North Dakota. It shows the physical features of North Dakota including its mountain ranges, major rivers and lakes.

North Dakota is a state in the Midwestern region of the United States. It borders Canada to the north, Minnesota to the east, South Dakota to the south, and Montana to the west. The state covers an area of 70,705 square miles and has a population of just over 763,000 people. 

Its vast expanses of flat land and rolling hills characterize North Dakota's geography. The eastern part of the state is covered by the fertile Red River Valley, home to some of North America's richest farmland. The western part of the state is more rugged and mountainous, with wide open spaces dominated by grasslands and badlands. 

The Missouri River flows through North Dakota from west to east, dividing the state into two distinct regions: the Great Plains to the east and the Badlands to the west. The river provides water for irrigation, hydroelectric power generation, and recreational opportunities such as boating and fishing. 

Other significant rivers of the state include the James, Red, and Sheyenne. The most significant lake is Lake Sakakawea, one of five major lakes created on the Missouri River by the U.S. government to eliminate the annual flooding of river lowlands.

North Dakota's climate is continental, with cold winters and hot summers. Average temperatures range from below zero in January to around 80 degrees Fahrenheit in July. Precipitation varies widely across the state, with some areas receiving less than 15 inches of rain per year while others receive more than 25 inches. 

The state's natural resources include coal, oil, natural gas, lignite, clay, sand, and gravel. Agriculture also plays a significant role in North Dakota's economy; wheat is one of its primary crops, along with corn, soybeans, and sunflowers.

Counties Map

The State of North Dakota is divided into 53 counties. In alphabetical order, these counties are: Adams, Barnes, Benson, Billings, Bottineau, Bowman, Burke, Burleigh, Cass, Cavalier, Dickey, Divide, Dunn, Eddy, Emmons, Foster, Golden Valley, Grand Forks, Grant, Griggs, Hettinger, Kidder, Lamoure, Logan, McHenry, McIntosh, McKenzie, McLean, Mercer, Morton, Mountrail, Nelson, Oliver, Pembina, Pierce, Ramsey, Ransom, Renville, Richland, Rolette, Sargent, Sheridan, Sioux, Slope, Stark, Steele, Stutsman, Towner, Traill, Walsh, Ward, Wells, and Williams.

With an area of 183,843 sq. km, North Dakota is the 19th largest and the 4th least populous state in the USA. Located in the south-central part of the state, on the eastern banks of the Missouri River is Bismarck – the capital and the 2nd most populous city of North Dakota. It serves as the education, healthcare, transportation, trade, and business center of the state. Located on the western banks of Red River is Fargo – the largest and the most populated city in the US. It serves as the cultural, educational, industrial, retail and healthcare center of eastern North Dakota.

Where is North Dakota?

Map showing location of North Dakota in the world.

The State of North Dakota is located in the north-central (Midwest) region of the United States. The landlocked state of North Dakota is bordered by the states of Montana in the west; by Minnesota in the east; by South Dakota in the south and by the Canadian provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba in the north.  

Regional Maps: Map of North America

Outline Map of North Dakota

The above blank map represents the State of North Dakota, located in the north-central (Midwest) region of the United States. The above map can be downloaded, printed and used for geography education purposes like map-pointing and coloring activities. 

The above outline map represents the State of North Dakota, located in the north-central (Midwest) region of the United States. The state of North Dakota lies in the center of the North American continent and is also sometimes referred to as the “High Plains” state.

Key Facts

Legal Name State of North Dakota
ISO 3166 Code US-ND
Capital City Bismarck

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