Boats docked in the harbor of Saint Michaels, Maryland.

7 Adorable Small Towns In The Mid-Atlantic

The Mid-Atlantic region usually includes Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, New York, Virginia, and West Virginia. Several of these states were part of the original 13 colonies, constituting the nation at its founding. Today, many of these states are cultural hubs full of innovation and growth. However, one of their most appealing aspects is their connection to their roots. Despite their growth, you can still find small towns with rich historical significance and old-world charm. 

Lewes, Delaware

The beautiful beach town of Lews, Delaware.
The beautiful beach town of Lewes, Delaware.

Lewes is a lovely little town in southeastern Delaware. As a beach town, it has many beautiful sights and activities. The beaches of Lewes are the perfect place to take a family since they offer plenty of outdoor fun and games. 

Cape Henlopen State Park offers one of the best beaches in town! This gorgeous site includes trails like Gordons Pond Trail, where you can walk, run, or bike while experiencing the natural scenery. Or you can visit the Fish Pier, where you can glimpse Delaware Bay and catch a fish or two.  Henlopen State Park is near the local Dairy Queen and Harvest Tide Steakhouse. Nothing completes a long day at the beach like a delicious homecooked meal and fresh ice cream! 

Claverack, New York 

The historic William Henry Ludlow house, built in 1786 in Claverack, NY i
The historic William Henry Ludlow house, built in 1786 in Claverack, New York. Image credit: John S. Hirth, via Wikimedia Commons.

If Lewes is a crowning jewel of Delaware beaches, then Claverack is the pristine meadowlands of Upstate New York. Located in eastern Upstate New York, Claverack is just a few miles from other famous New York towns, like Hudson. One of the most unique features of this town is its Dutch-derived name which linguists debate. 

Many linguists believe the name references the beautiful meadows dotting the town's landscape. However, since the native Dutch three-leafed clover wasn't brought to the new world when the city was named, the name remains uncertain. One thing is sure, though, the name adds to this community's charm and welcoming environment. 

The Reformed Dutch Church Is a gorgeous little site that's a great spot to experience some of the town's history. Founded in 1716, the residents didn't build the current structure until 1767. This makes it one of the earliest buildings in the region that offers an in-depth peek into what the town was like back in the day. After exploring the local attractions, get a bite to eat at Filli's Deli and Jersey Bakery! 

Princeton, New Jersey

Princeton University campus in Princeton, New Jersey.
Princeton University campus in Princeton, New Jersey.

Princeton Township has a slightly less exciting name origin than Claverack, but it has lots to offer someone seeking a relaxing and luxurious experience. Located just a few miles north of Trenton, the capital of New Jersey, but this town doesn't share the same bureaucratic vibe as the capital. Princeton has a small-town feel that offers visitors a blend of city excitement in a rustic, welcoming environment. 

Princeton University, located along Nassau Street, is one of the main attractions in town. Built in the 1700s, Princeton University is an Ivy League school with plenty for sightseers to enjoy, including a botanical garden and stunning architecture. Tour the beautiful hiking trails along the Delaware water gap, where many anglers and boat enthusiasts spend their weekends. After a long day walking the streets and wooded trails of Princeton, stop at the Whitherspoon Grill. This beautiful and delicious restaurant is on Whitherspoon Street, beside several cute shops and the Princeton Library. 

Saint Michaels, Maryland

Boats docked in the harbor of Saint Michaels, Maryland.
Boats docked in the harbor of Saint Michaels, Maryland.

Saint Michaels, Maryland, is an adorable small town in Talbot County. Located along the Miles River, Saint Michaels is best known as a boating and water-loving community. Anyone hoping to experience top-notch shopping, dining, and excitement along the beautiful shoreline of this river will love Saint Michaels. 

Saint Michaels hosts several festivals and events annually, including a Christmas and WineFest celebration. The Talbot Christmas Parade will occur on Talbot Street at 10:30 A.M. on December 9th this year! And that's not the only fantastic Christmas event that will take place this year. There's breakfast with Santa and Light Up the Night! Although, even if you don't plan a visit during the winter, there's still lots to do. The Shore Pedal and Paddle is a great place to spend a day exploring the waterways. They provide bikes, electric bikes, standup paddle boards, and kayaks for rent, so you can see what this town offers! 

Staunton, Virginia

A view of Stauton Virginia from the garden of Woodrow Wilson's boyhood home
A view of Stauton, Virginia, from the garden of Woodrow Wilson's boyhood home.

Much like Saint Michaels and Princeton, Saunton is a perfect blend of city and farm! With rustic architecture blended with modern comforts, this town has it all. You'll especially love exploring the many farms, forests, and shopping centers scattered throughout the town's radius. 

Fields of Gold and the local farmer's market are two of the nicest places to experience the rural parts of town. The people of Staunton founded Fields of Gold in 2010 as a form of agritourism designed to promote the local agricultural scene. After touring the region, visit the farmer's market to taste the local bounty! And if you're looking to stay a few nights, book a night or two at the Ubon Thai. This stunning Victorian-style building boasts gorgeous dining halls and luxurious bedrooms at reasonable prices. 

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

A sunset view from Maryland Heights, overlooking Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.
A sunset view from Maryland Heights, overlooking Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.

Harpers Ferry nestles on the borders of Virginia and Maryland on the Eastern Panhandle. It's the ideal spot for water sports enthusiasts, outdoor lovers, and history buffs. The location of John Brown's raid in 1859, Harpers Ferry, was a key location during the Civil War. It is located along the Potomac River, which was a strategic point during that war and still plays a vital role in the life and culture of the town. 

Visitors should check the Harper's Ferry National Historical Park Administrative Headquarters and the original Shenandoah River Bridge site. Both locations are a wealth of culture and history, providing a glimpse into the town's sometimes tumultuous past. Despite these obstacles, however, Harpers Ferry stands solid and proud. 

The Light Horse Inn is ideal for lodging if you want to experience a warm, welcoming, and adorable environment. Initially built in the 1770s, this inn gives a rustic, ancient vibe with modern conveniences. You'll have a perfect view of the town and the neighboring mountains, completely immersing yourself in the state. 

Georgetown, Washington D.C. 

Georgetown, Washington D.C. 
The Georgetown Waterfront Park in Washington, DC.

Like Harpers Ferry, Georgetown is a significant historical region of Washington, D.C. However, unlike Harpers Ferry, Georgetown isn't a town, exactly. Instead, it's a neighborhood of Washington, D.C. Since D.C. isn't a state, the regions inside its borders aren't separated like most states distinguish townships. 

However, Georgetown is the closest thing you'll find to a town in D.C. History lovers should pay a visit to the home of J.F.K. and the many historic mansions dotting the cobblestone streets. Downtown is a treasure trove for shopping enthusiasts. The Waterfront along the Potomac River is an ideal place for dining, with Nick's Riverside Grill being a favorite spot for seafood lovers! 

The Mid-Atlantic region of the United States is essential to American history. Many of the states in this region were original colonies and played crucial parts in the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. However, these states certainly aren't stuck in the past, with some of the largest G.D.P.s in the U.S.  Despite their growth and prosperity, they retain their old, rustic charm. Visiting these beautiful towns will allow you to see the nation's past and future! Just take your time traveling through these six states and the District of Columbia! You don't want to miss a thing. 

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