A landscape view captures the charm of downtown Friday Harbor, the main town nestled within the San Juan Islands archipelago in Washington State, United States. Editorial credit: EQRoy / Shutterstock.com

6 Most Inviting Towns in Washington

Washington is a Pacific Northwest state in the US with some of the most inviting towns for tourists. With commercial locales and natural and historical landmarks, there are a lot of travel motivators. Having an abundance of friendly communities and vibrance makes everyone feel right at home when visiting as a newcomer. These towns will make it easy for anyone looking to plan their next trip to an inviting state.


Downtown Snohomish, Washington.
Downtown Snohomish, Washington. Image credit Ian Dewar Photography via Shutterstock.com

A small town with 10,124 residents, Snohomish is known for its friendly locales and welcoming vibes. At Historic Downtown Snohomish, most visitors new to town will have lots of inviting conversations from locals who love to build new relationships right on the downtown block. Swans Trail Farms has lovely pumpkin patches and welcoming hosts who like to show guests around cow farms and allow for cute animal encounters with pigs, goats, sheep, rabbits, donkeys, and other species. For anyone needing an even warmer welcome, Bob's Corn & Pumpkin Farm offers family-friendly invitational tours of the countryside and has excellent lemonade stands.

For history buffs, the Blackman House Museum is around to demonstrate the significance of Snohomish early settlers, with friendly tours of Victorian antiquities and school memorabilia right inside. The rustic Mountainview Blueberry Farm has beautiful hillsides and vibrant sunflower beds for anyone needing more nature exposure. At Trails End Taphouse & Restaurant, one can enjoy American tavern cuisine while chatting with happy bartenders.

Friday Harbor

A Kenmore Air floatplane, painted to resemble an orca, floats on the water in the port of Friday Harbor, San Juan Islands, Washington State, United States.
A Kenmore Air floatplane, Friday Harbor, San Juan Islands, Washington State. Editorial credit: EQRoy / Shutterstock.com

Friday Harbor, with a population of 2,873 residents, is a worthy contender for inviting ecosystems and outdoor pleasures. The Whale Museum is a highlight with its whale history and friendly marine education workshops designed to reel in visitors from out of town. Discovery Sea Kayak Tours is also an excellent option for tourists who want to feel welcomed by the locals while learning how to kayak with friendly and patient instructors. For a truly remarkable experience in town, one can visit Susie's Mopeds and rent out a moped by courteous staff for a vibrant road trip across the San Juan Islands.

Nature lovers may enjoy Pelindada Lavender Farm for its blooming purple flowerbeds and tranquil picnic areas nearby full of social locals, while others may prefer Lime Kiln Point State Park for natural views of the western shoreline and San Juan archipelago. Anyone who comes across The Farm at Krystal Acres may be waved at and welcomed in by a farmland family who loves introducing newcomers to their Peruvian alpacas. Tourists who crave exotic cocktails can grab a drink at Downriggers, a famous locale known for its conversational workers and inviting Pacific Northwest atmosphere.


The Davidson Building stands in downtown Ellensburg, Washington, USA, on a spring evening.
The Davidson Building stands in downtown Ellensburg, Washington. Editorial credit: Ian Dewar Photography / Shutterstock.com

Ellensburg is a friendly town of 18,006 locals who know how to welcome unfamiliar faces. The Kittitas County Historical Museum is a great downtown option for tourists who want to learn more about local heritage and Pioneer-era art while being supported by friendly tour guides. At Clymer Museum of Art, one can explore various artworks and exhibits related to the 1920s, with each room individually containing rare vintage paintings and notable welcoming tours. The 217-acre Olmstead Place Historical State Park makes travelers feel included by hosts who love to discuss late 19th-century picnicking and fishing topics.

Dick & Jane's Spot is famous in town with over 40 Northwestern artist exhibits and hearty owners who have an unusual appreciation for bottlecaps. The Gard Vintners Winery is known for having social painting workshops that are designed by residents who like to share wine bottles with newcomers to instill a sense of friendliness. Family-friendly Italian cuisine and comfy atmospheres can be found at Ellensburg Pasta Company, a highly-rated, vibrant cafe that is quite inviting to outsiders. Wild Goose Casino is a nice spot in town for anyone who wants to strike up a conversation with laidback locals while gambling at poker tables.

Port Townsend

Water Street in Port Townsend, Washington, within the Historic District, showcases well-preserved late 19th-century buildings, offering a charming glimpse into the past.
Water Street in Port Townsend, Washington, within the Historic District. Editorial credit: 365 Focus Photography / Shutterstock.com

Located on the Quimper Peninsula with a population of 10,600 residents, Port Townsend is notable for both invitational vibes and thriving localities. At Fort Worden Historical State Park, guests can feel welcomed by tour guides who like to talk about local beaches, forestry, and World War history related to Puget Sound. More inviting residents can be found at Port Townsend Marine Science Center, where visitors are treated as esteemed guests while they browse through marine biology exhibits, aquarium mammal history, and ancient Salish Sea trinkets.

Anyone who visits this town may come across the magical and friendly Starrett House, an exceptional resort where hosts offer complimentary tea and coffee while newcomers get to enjoy cozy fireplaces and elegant 18th-century Victorian relics. Fort Townsend Historical State Park may be on anyone's itinerary for easy access to beachside vibrance and quiet camping sites that are known for having waving pedestrians. For any tourist desiring a fancy dining experience, Finistere offers Manhattan-style atmospheres mixed with courteous waiters who know all about fine dining.

Walla Walla

A Banner Bank branch stands on East Alder Street in Walla Walla, Washington, serving the local community with financial services.
A Banner Bank branch in Walla Walla, Washington. Editorial credit: Ian Dewar Photography / Shutterstock.com

Deemed one of the "friendliest towns" in the entire country, Walla Walla is a beautiful destination with 32,801 locals. Fort Walla Walla Museum is a friendly cultural and historical mainstay that was once an 1850s military fort used by pioneers and gardeners during the first Oregon Trail days. Caprio Cellars and Dunham Cellars are great wineries that provide ample hospitality for tourists who love to be around Italian neighborhood influence and family-owned wine cellars. For simple Blue Mountains exposure, one can even check out Saviah Cellars or Yellowhawk for colorful fruit vineyards and welcoming estate owners.

At AK's Mercado on Main Street, tasty hamburgers and hot dogs are popular menu cravings, while friendly happy hour events and activities make visitors feel like they belong in the community. Hattaway's on Alder provides outdoor ambiance and Southeastern rural cuisine for tourists who want to enjoy vibrant downtown meals with the locals. Dog-friendly owners always love to wave at passing visitors at Mill Creek and Bennington Lake Recreation Area, a landmark known for its scenic waterfront and stunning wheat fields.


A Starbucks store stands prominently on Main Street in Blaine, Washington State, USA, offering its signature coffee and beverages to locals and visitors alike.
A Starbucks store on Main Street in Blaine, Washington State. Editorial credit: David Buzzard / Shutterstock.com

Seen as the northern boundary point between the Canadian-US border and labeled as the "Peace Arch City," Blaine is home to 6,140 charming residents. It is known for Semiahmoo Park, a scenic landmark full of panoramic beach views and cannery museum-friendly tours that create a Northwestern splendor for nature enthusiasts. Peace Arch Historical State Park has 67-foot white arch architecture and flowery gardens that make anyone want to stick around for a while. At Loomis Trail Golf, one can be exposed to both vast green golf courses and hospitable locals who know how to treat visitors as long-term residents.

The Railway Cafe offers excellent egg omelets and other breakfast options for anyone needing a taste of cheese and the satisfaction of friendly service. Outstanding customer service and patient waiters can also be found at Bordertown Mexican Grill, a vibrant and welcoming locale with authentic Mexican cuisine and the finest burritos in town. As for steak lovers, Jack Niemann's Black Forest Steak House creates the ultimate dining experience with its German influence and happy waiters who love to serve and smile at newcomers.

Discover Washington's Welcoming Small Towns

These small towns all play a significant role in welcoming and inviting newcomers from all wakes of life. Having many opportunities for guests to feel like they are natives of Washington State, there is no reason not to visit the "Evergreen State" and witness history and nature simultaneously. With many vibrant locales and lots of hospitality in many places, anyone looking for a new itinerary in the Pacific Northwest may find that this state has just about everything one needs to have a good time.

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