Downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.

11 Most Beautiful Cities In Utah

The "Beehive State" of Utah is one of the United States’ most culturally and geographically diverse places. Filled with stunning lakes, beautiful snow-capped mountain tops, rocky canyons, and a most special Mormon community, Utah is a place of awesome natural and cultural beauty. For those looking to better experience this land, its cities are a great place to start. From ski resorts to historic downtowns and more, Utah’s cities are wonderful examples of the charm and beauty of Americana.


Washington Blvd and the commercial district of North Ogden, Utah with Ben Lomond Peak and the Wasatch Mountains visible in the background
Washington Blvd in North Ogden, Utah with the Wasatch Mountains.

About 40 miles from Salt Lake City, is the town of Ogden, established in the 1850s. As the first permanent settlement in the then Utah territory, today just over 87,000 people call this historic townhome, and it is the state’s eighth largest urban center. Here visitors and residents can enjoy plenty of old-fashioned charm and a fascinating historic district. A major center of the railway, especially during the 19th century, tourists can explore a number of well-preserved buildings and other galleries, museums, shops, and fine restaurant options.

Meanwhile, at the nearby Wasatch Mountains, opportunities for biking and hiking are always popular. While the ski enthusiast will not want to miss the slopes of Powder Mountain, considered one of the best ski spots in the region.

Brigham City

Brigham City Utah Temple and Box Elder Tabernacle
Brigham City Utah Temple and Box Elder Tabernacle.

Founded by Mormon settlers in 1851, today Brigham City is home to over 19,000 inhabitants and serves as the seat of Box Elder County. A place of great natural beauty and fascinating history there is never a dull moment in this city. Located within the Wasatch Mountain Range, those who descend on Brigham City will be able to marvel at the picturesque and beautiful valley scenery, alluring green spaces, and naturally unique Mormon architecture.

Stop by the Box Elder Stake Tabernacle completed in 1897, and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, or take in any number of fun festivals throughout the year. With parades, pageants, and harvest celebrations in September, visitors can also try some of the region’s famous peaches renowned in the state.

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City, Utah in autumn
Downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.

Utah’s capital city and its largest urban center, Salt Lake City has a population of over 200,000 residents. One of the state’s most historic and culturally significant places, like many other Utah towns, Mormon settlers founded the city in the mid-19th century. Today it serves as the headquarters of the Mormon Church, and its main Temple (constructed in 1893) continues to be one of the city's most iconic landmarks.

Beyond its Mormon culture, however, Salt Lake City is also a great place to enjoy a variety of museums, shopping centers, parks, and opportunities for outdoor recreation. Enjoy such activities as swimming in the Great Salt Lake or hiking in the surrounding area. Meanwhile, for the alpine enthusiast, skiing and snowboarding are always popular activities with the Wasatch Mountains not far from the city center.


Sign for Vernal Utah, with its famous pink dinosaur statue, taken at dusk
Sign for Vernal Utah.

Vernal is about 30 miles from the Colorado border and is lovingly known as "Dinosaurland." One of the few Utah towns not established by Mormon settlers, the famed Book Cliffs and the beautiful Uinta Mountains border Vernal, making for a most panoramic ambiance. Due to its geographic location, the town and its surrounding areas have been a prolific source of discovery for many prehistoric fossils, including dinosaur bones.

Visitors and residents alike can enjoy plenty of stunning natural scenery in Vernal, as well as charming views of the Green River, mountain peaks, and unique desert rock formations. Stop by the Ashley National Forest for camping and outdoor recreation and while in the area be sure to check out the Dinosaur National Monument. Here you can explore an impressive collection of geologic and prehistoric materials. Posing with the 40-foot Dinah the Pink Dinosaur statue is a must, for all who pass through Main Street.

Cedar City

Aerial view of Cedar City, Utah
Cedar City, Utah.

Known for its beautiful natural setting, hot summers, and mild winters, Cedar City is the largest city in Iron County. Situated near Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion National Park, and the Cedar Breaks National Monument this town with a population of just over 35,000 residents is an ideal stopover for any outdoors lover. Here rock climbing, cycling, hiking, and even skiing are among the ways to enjoy this region of Utah.

In addition, visitors can explore plenty of charming spots within the city proper, with its assortment of historic buildings and numerous year-round festivals. These include the Utah Summer Games, the Utah Shakespeare Festival, and a great range of restaurants, shopping centers, and an always insightful downtown historic district.


Aerial view of Town of Price historic center in Price, Utah
Historic center in Price, Utah.

Founded in 1879 and today the home of some 8,700 residents, Price also serves as the seat of Carbon County. The 136-mile-long Price River flows through the town, meaning visitors and inhabitants alike can enjoy a most picturesque river town with special ties to the 19th-century mining and rail industry. Nine Mile Canyon is a nearby site where you can observe beautiful indigenous art on the walls of rocky cliffs. In addition, the stunning San Rafael Swell geologic formation is sure to take one’s breath away. Meanwhile back in town, there is an eclectic range of tasty restaurants, stores, and plenty of special Mormon-style architecture in this mid-sized urban center.


Aerial view of downtown Provo during summer
Provo, Utah.

Just 43 miles from Salt Lake City, Provo is the seat of Utah County and is also the state’s fourth largest. Founded in 1849, this historic town is home to a population of just over 115,000 and to the campus of Brigham Young University. With a strong Mormon community, Provo remains a conservative town and many businesses continue to remain closed on Sundays.

Visitors to Provo will have plenty of cultural destinations to explore which include numerous galleries, museums, the University Campus, as well as several stunning Mormon Temples. In addition, nature lovers will appreciate Provo’s vicinity to such natural wonders as the magnificent Timpanogos Caves and the gorgeous Bridal Veil Falls.


Aerial View of Utah State University in Logan
Utah State University in Logan.

Situated on the western slopes of the Bear River Mountains, Logan is one of northern Utah’s most beautiful locales. Founded by the Mormons in 1859, the town holds many special buildings and landmarks constructed in a unique Mormon-style architecture. Home to the campus of Utah State University, visitors can also explore such interesting museums as the American West Heritage Center which highlight the history and growth of the American West.

Meanwhile, opportunities for hiking and biking are in abundance at the nearby Logan Canyon. Here camping remains a perennial favorite during the summer months. While in winter many ride the slopes on a ski or snowboard, for a most memorable alpine adventure.

Park City

Park City, Utah, downtown in autumn at dusk
Park City, Utah.

Located just 32 miles from Salt Lake City, Park City is another great Utah city with loads of natural and cultural appeal. Situated within the Wasatch Mountain Range, this city of just over 8,000 residents boasts excellent ski resorts. Including such highly rated sites as Deer Valley and Park City Mountains, outdoor lovers from across America visit the city, which also offers excellent hiking and biking trails in the summer.

In addition, tourists can explore the charming downtown historic district where a range of galleries, shops, restaurants, theatres, and preserved buildings populate the area. Home the to world-famous Sundance Film Festival in January, upwards of 112,000 guests from around the globe visit this stunning mountain city.

St. George

White temple and red rock mountains in St. George, Utah
White Mormon temple in St. George, Utah.

St. George is the seat of Washington County and is near the border with Arizona, within a portion of the Mojave Desert. Home to a population of just over 95,000 residents, outdoor enthusiasts will not want to miss the opportunity to visit this city and its wide range of splendid natural wonders. Near such sites likes Zion National Park, and the Sand Hollow State Park, those in St. George are never far away from the next thrilling outdoor escape. Here rock climbing, hiking, cycling, and camping are all popular activities. In addition, those in the town itself can also enjoy a variety of tasty restaurants, shopping centers, and other historic buildings all within a most striking and hot desert ambiance.


Moab city center and historic buildings aerial view in summer, Utah
Moab, Utah.

Moab is a stunning Utah destination that was first settled in 1878. Today, the town is home to just over 5,000 inhabitants and continues to be a popular locale for some of the best landscapes in the Western United States. The seat of Grand County, Moab’s vicinity to unique desert geology attracts tourists from across the nation. Visit the Arches rock formations or Canyonlands National Park, where mesas, canyons, and buttes are all on majestic display.

Meanwhile, at the Slickrock Trails, the adventurous tourist can take a mountain bike ride around some truly marvelous surroundings. Moab has also been a frequent location for filming western movies, and with awesome rocky desert surroundings it is difficult not to appreciate the wonder of the natural world.

Utah is among the United States’ most compelling places, where diverse geography and cultural wonder define much of its boundaries. Full of stunning rocky canyons, towering mountain tops, splendid lakes, and a crucial and historic Mormon population, the "Beehive State" is a treasure trove to discover. The cities on this list offer a great snapshot of Utah’s diversity and are wonderful places to start one’s exploration of this most special and important land of the Western United States.

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