Which State Is Known As The Beehive State?

Utah is known as the "Beehive State".
Utah is known as the "Beehive State".

Each of the 50 states that make up the United States has a nickname. These nicknames are chosen by the local community in the states and have a meaning behind them. Some states select nicknames that reflect the moral standards of the residents while others use their respective geography to select a nickname. The state of Utah, for example, is known as the Beehive State. Many residents believe that the “beehive” nickname is used as a testament to the virtues of hard work and perseverance in Utahans.

Which State is Known as the Beehive State?


While the state had been settled on for thousands of years, the Mormons who moved into the state in the 19th century were most influential in the founding of the state. Utah was so named by these early settlers who mispronounced the name “Yuttahih,” the name given to Navajo Indians by the Apache which translates to “one that is higher up.” The early Mormon settlers thought that the term was used to refer to other tribes who resided on higher parts of mountains than the Navajo Indians. The Mormons then established settlements in the region from Pleasant Grove to Spanish Fork to Cedar City and Farmington, all of which became prosperous. The prosperity of the state was attributed to the industry of the Mormon settlers whose hard work was compared to that of the honey bee.

The State Of Deseret

When the early settlers from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints moved into present-day Utah, the region was a territory of Mexico along with the entire Southwest region of the United States. However, the state along with a considerably large chunk of territory was ceded from Mexico, a provision of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, which was signed on February 2nd, 1848 after the Mexican-American War of 1846. Upon gaining knowledge that other regions such as New Mexico and California were applying for statehood, the Utahans decided to join the bandwagon and applied for statehood as the State of Deseret. Interestingly, the Mormons chose the name “Deseret” as it was derived from the Book of Mormon and means “honeybee,” to signify the work ethic that characterized Utah’s Mormons. The State of Deseret was an ambitious proposal and if successful, would lead to the establishment of one of the largest states in the country. The proposed territory of the State of Deseret spanned between the Rockies and the Sierra Nevada and would have encompassed the entire modern-day Utah and Nevada as well as huge chunks of California, New Mexico, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, Arizona, and Oregon. Salt Lake City was selected as the proposed capital city of the State of Deseret. However, the proposal was put on hold after the creation of the Utah Territory by Act of Congress in 1850.


The beehive is depicted in the official state emblem of the state of Utah. The Legislature of Utah adopted the beehive as the provisions of House Bill Number 34, which was effected on March 4th, 1959. The beehive is also depicted on the official flag of Utah as well as Utah’s official seal. The beehive was also depicted in the flag of the State of Deseret as well as in the official flag and Coat of Arms of the Utah Territory.

Which State is Known as the Beehive State?

State NameState Nickname
AlabamaYellowhammer State
AlaskaThe Last Frontier
ArizonaThe Grand Canyon State
ArkansasThe Natural State
CaliforniaThe Golden State
ColoradoThe Centennial State
ConnecticutThe Constitution State
DelawareThe First State
FloridaThe Sunshine State
GeorgiaThe Peach State
HawaiiThe Aloha State
IdahoThe Aloha State
IllinoisThe Gem State
IndianaPrairie State
IowaThe Hoosier State
KansasThe Hawkeye State
KentuckyThe Sunflower State
LouisianaThe Bluegrass State
MaineThe Pelican State
MarylandThe Pine Tree State
MassachusettsThe Old Line State
MichiganThe Bay State
MinnestoaThe Great Lakes State
MississippiThe North Star State
MissouriThe Magnolia State
MontanaThe Show Me State
NebraskaThe Treasure State
NevadaThe Cornhusker State
New HampshireThe Silver State
New JerseyThe Granite State
New MexicoThe Garden State
New YorkThe Land of Enchantment
North CarolinaThe Empire State
North DakotaThe Tar Heel State
OhioThe Peace Garden State
OklahomaThe Buckeye State
OregonThe Sooner State
pennsylvaniaThe Beaver State
Rhode IslandThe Keystone State
South CarolinaThe Ocean State
South dakotaThe Palmetto State
TennesseeMount Rushmore State
TexasThe Volunteer State
UtahThe Lone Star State
VermontThe Beehive State
VirginiaThe Green Mountain State
WashingtonThe Old Dominion State
West VirginiaThe Evergreen State
WisconsinThe Mountain State
WyomingThe Badger State
The Cowboy State

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