Mirror Lake, Utah

7 Most Beautiful Lakes In Utah

Though known for its desert ambiance, Utah is also home to an abundance of beautiful waterways and charming lakes. Frequently set against spectacular mountain backdrops, Utah's lakes are indeed some of the most beautiful natural wonders in the entire "Beehive State." Here great recreation opportunities are always on hand, and whether it is fishing, boating, or swimming, these lakes will surely create great memories. This article looks at the 7 Most Beautiful Lakes in Utah. 

Utah Lake 

Utah Lake, Utah
The beautiful Utah Lake in Utah.

Right in the center of Utah Valley, the shallow Utah Lake covers an area of 380 square kilometers and reaches a depth of only 14 feet. Situated at an elevation of nearly 4,500 feet above sea level, Utah Lake is a freshwater wonder that Spanish colonists discovered in the 1770s. Popular for its recreational activities, including sailing, fishing, and even water skiing, this wonderful lake forms part of the Provo metropolitan area. Additional activities include hiking and camping along the numerous trails surrounding the water's edge, making for a unique overnight experience. 

Bear Lake 

Bear Lake, Utah
Aerial View of Garden City, Utah, on the shores of Bear Lake.

Sitting on the border of Utah and Idaho, the prehistoric Bear Lake has been estimated to be an astonishing 250,000 years old! Nicknamed the "Caribbean of the Rockies," Bear Lake's pristine turquoise-colored waters (due to limestone deposits) make it one of the most beautiful lakes in America. Spanning an area of 280 square kilometers and with a depth of 208 feet, the surrounding scenery of Bear Lake is also a majestic sight. Framed by the Wasatch and Bear River Mountains, Bear Lake is an ever-popular destination for camping, boating, cycling, rock climbing, and swimming. And, of course, its famous raspberries grown in the surrounding valley are not to be missed. Considered amongst the tastiest in the entire country, Bear Lake's raspberry harvest is one of the area's most popular festivals and events. 

Tony Grove Lake 

Tony Grove Lake, Utah
The Tony Grove Lake.

Tony Grove Lake is situated in the Cache Canyon in the Logan Canyon Scenic Byway and adjacent to the Mount Naomi Wilderness area. At an elevation of 8,048 feet, this beautiful glacial body of water is surrounded by richly panoramic hiking and biking trails, majestic trees, and gorgeous wildflowers. A popular spot for camping, fishing, canoeing, horseback riding, and wildlife viewing, Tony Grove Lake is a beautiful lake discovery for those in northern Utah.

Fish Lake

Fish Lake, Utah
A road by the Fish Lake, Utah.

Fish Lake is Utah's largest freshwater mountain lake and lies within the same named Fishlake National Forest. Surrounded by the Mytoge Mountains and at an incredible elevation of nearly 9,000 feet, this alpine lake is indeed a wondrous place of nature. Well known for its wide range of fish species, including tiger trout, brown trout, and rainbow trout, Fish Lake is a hot spot for recreational and sport fishing alike. Ice fishing is a popular winter activity, while hiking, cycling, and camping in the surrounding mountainous area are always sought after in the summer.

Mirror Lake

Mirror Lake utah
The gorgeous Mirror Lake in Utah.

Right in the Uinta Mountains, Mirror Lake sits at just over 10,000 feet, where some of Utah's best alpine views can be found. At the base of Bald Mountain, this lake is a popular place for waterside recreation, fishing, and camping. Named for its beautiful reflective waters, Mirror Lake is the home of species, including rainbow and tiger trout, and even offers its visitors opportunities for canoeing. Meanwhile, on the surrounding land area, incredible mountain vistas are the ultimate incentive to go hiking, biking, and even horseback riding. Indeed with its stunning panoramas, this small lake gives some big-time fun and excitement.

Navajo Lake

Navajo Lake utah
The beautiful Navajo Lake in Utah.

A reservoir lake within the Dixie National Forest, the shallow Navajo Lake (25 feet deep), is a charming and scenic body of water that sits at an elevation of 9,000 feet. It is sought after for its stunning natural surroundings and camping, hiking, boating, and fishing opportunities. A natural habitat for species such as Utah chub and rainbow and splake trout, this relatively secluded lake is an ideal spot for contemplative reflection and a direct encounter with the peace of nature.

Sevier Lake

Sevier Lake, Utah
The scenic settings of the Sevier Lake in Utah.

Sevier Lake in the Sevier Desert, unlike many other bodies of water in Utah, is mostly dry throughout the year. Despite its arid conditions, this unique lake area is well worth a visit, and its surrounding sand dunes make it one of the most exceptional places in the State. At an elevation of 4,550 feet, the climate around the lakeside is scorching in the summer. While it may not offer the traditional water activities of other lakes, its special desert setting makes it stand out.

Utah is a land of rich culture and beautiful desert landscapes that is also home to a wondrous series of lakes. Although ruefully overlooked by some, Utah's lakes are some of the State's most beautiful natural recreational spots. Whether it's fishing in Bear Lake or marveling at the arid wonder of Sevier Lake, the "Beehive State's" lakes should surely be on the list of any traveler who finds themselves in this most special Western land. 


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