The Highest Peaks In Utah

One of the more popular hikes in the US state of Utah is the Kings Peak, which is also the highest peak in Utah standing 13,534 feet tall.

Utah covers an area of 84,916 square miles. It is the 12th largest state in the country by land area.With an elevation of 13,528 feet, Kings Peak is the highest point in Utah. Beaver Dam Wash, located in the southwestern part of the state, is the lowest point in the state lying at 2,350 feet. Topographically, Utah is divided into three regions: the great basin, the Colorado Plateau, and the Rocky Mountains.

Kings Peak, The Highest Peak In Utah

Kings Peak (13,534 feet) is within the Uinta mountain ranges. It is located in the southern part of the ranges, in the Ashley National Forest. The Peak is located about 79 miles to the east of the state capital of Salt Lake City. It is possible to climb to the top of the mountain, and thousands of tourists undertake the journey yearly.

Mount Peale

Mount Peale is the second highest peak in Utah at 12,726 feet.. Mount Peale is within the La Sal Mountains of San Juan County in the southern part of the state. They also form the highest point outside of the Uinta mountain ranges. The peak was named in 1875 after Albert Peale, a mineralogist. It is the highest point in the Las Sal National Forest. Mount Peale peak can be accessed from different directions, and is a major tourist attraction for the hikers and sightseeing enthusiasts.

Mount Waas

Mount Waas is one of the most challenging mountains to climb in any of the La Sal Mountain Peaks as there are no technical routes, and there are numerous large and loose talus and boulders. The peak rises to 12,316 feet

Delano Peak

Ranking fourth among the highest peaks in Utah is Delano Peak. Delano Peak is within the Tushar Mountains and has a height of 12,174 feet. The Tushar mountain range forms the third highest range in the whole state of Utah after the Uinta and La Sal ranges. However, the Delano Peak the 32nd highest peak in the State of Utah. Delano Peak was named after Colombus Delano who was the secretary of the interior, and it is located in the Fishlake National Forest.

Ibapah Peak

Ibapah Peak in within the deep creek mountains in the Great Basin of Toole County. The peak reaches a height of 12,092 feet. Within the range are a source of many streams and a wide variety of flora and fauna. The common trees include the coniferous forest

The state of Utah is mostly mountainous with numerous peaks which include Bald Mountain (11,948 ft), Mount Nebo (11,933 ft), South Mountain (11,822 ft), Mount Timpanogos (11,752 ft) among others.

Highest Peaks In Utah

RankMountain peakMountain rangeElevation
1Kings PeakUinta Mountains13,534 ft
2Mount PealeLa Sal Mountains12,726 ft
3Mount WaasLa Sal Mountains12,316 ft
4Delano PeakTushar Mountains12,174 ft
5Ibapah PeakDeep Creek Range12,092 ft
6Bald MountainUinta Range11,948 ft
7Mount NeboWasatch Range11,933 ft
8South MountainLa Sal Mountains11,822 ft
9Mount TimpanogosWasatch Range11,752 ft
10Fish Lake HightopFish Lake Plateau11,639 ft
11Mount MarvineFish Lake Plateau11,604 ft
12Mount HilgardFish Lake Plateau11,538 ft
13Mount Ellen PeakHenry Mountains11,527 ft
14Twin PeaksWasatch Range11,494 ft
15Mount PennellHenry Mountains11,413 ft
16Abajo PeakAbajo Mountains11,362 ft
17Bluebell KnollAquarius Plateau11,346 ft
18Circleville MountainTushar Mountains11,336 ft
19Brian HeadMarkagunt Plateau11,312 ft
20Thousand Lake MountainFish Lake Plateau11,300 ft

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