Which US States Are Part Of The Rocky Mountain Region?

The Rocky Mountains in southwestern Colorado.

The Rocky Mountains are situated in the Northwestern region of the United States and extend to some southwestern states. They are estimated to have been formed more than 80 million years ago. The mountain range covers more 3,000 miles stretching from British Columbia to New Mexico in the south of the US. Some of the states the mountain range passes through include Colorado, Nevada, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and New Mexico.


Idaho is a mountainous state in the US and occupies an area of 83,745 square miles. The state has numerous snow-capped mountains that are more than 12,500 feet above sea level. The highest peak in the state of Idaho is Borah Peak reaching 12,668 feet high. The average elevation in Idaho is 5000 feet above sea level.


Colorado is part of the Rocky Mountain States. The US state occupies an area of 104,184 square miles. The state derived its name from the great Colorado River that runs through the state. Colorado is characterized by tall mountains, arid areas, forest zones, and huge canyons. The state of Colorado has the highest average elevation in the United States which is 6,800 feet above sea level. Colorado’s lowest point is 3,317 feet above sea level. Colorado is home to 30 of the highest peaks of the Rocky Mountain ranges.


The state of Montana is located in the Northern region of the United States and has many mountains that form the Rocky Mountain Ranges. Additionally, there are isolated mountain ranges in Eastern part of Montana. The state covers an area of 147,027 square miles. The average elevation in Montana is 3,400 feet above sea level. Montana’s highest peak is Granite peak- 12,807 feet high. Its lowest place is 1,804 feet above sea level.The western region of Montana has the magnificent glaciers that are popular with tourists. The state has numerous scenic areas.


Wyoming is part of the mountainous region in the US. The state occupies 97,915 square miles. An expansive plateau covers most of the state. The Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains meet in the state of Wyoming. Wyoming is classified as the United States’ second highest state after Colorado. Its average elevation is 6,700 feet above sea level. The highest peak in the state is 13,809 feet above sea level while its lowest place is 3,101 feet above sea level.

New Mexico

New Mexico is a state in the southern part of the United States. The state covers an area of ‪121,698 square miles. Its highest peak is Wheeler Peak with an elevation of 13,167 feet. The lowest place in New Mexico is in Red Bluff Reservoir with an elevation of 2,844 feet. The tallest mountain ranges in New Mexico are the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The southern part of New Mexico is composed of scenic wilderness.

The Significance Of The Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains provide beautiful views in the states they pass through. Many popular tourist destinations are part of the range. Some of the popular activities within the Rocky Mountains include hiking, skiing, camping, fishing, hunting, and mountain biking.


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