The Highest Peaks of the Rocky Mountains

Mount Elbert is the highest peak in all of the Rocky Mountains.

The famous Rocky Mountains, often called the "Rockies" are located in the western sections of both the United States of America and Canada. The Rockies were formed during the Laramide period of mountain formation also known as the orogeny. The Rocky Mountains have several peaks that have towering heights, the highest of which will be outlined here.

Highest Peaks

Mount Elbert

Mount Elbert is known as the tallest mountain in the Rocky chain. It is located in the Colorado and has a height of 4401 meters. It was named in honor of Samuel Elbert who was a statesman in Colorado and played a vital role in the transformation of the state.

Mount Massive

Mount Massive is a close second with a height of 4398 meters. It was first climbed in the year 1873. The mountain is home to several glacial lakes.

Mount Harvard

This summit is recorded as the third highest peak of all the Rocky Mountains. The peak was was named for Harvard University in 1869. It measures 4395 meters by height.

Blanca Peak

This peak fourth in line on the list is Blanca. The peak is approximately 4374 meters tall. The mountain is sacred to the Navajo people.

La Plata Peak

Fifth in the list among the highest peaks of the Rockies is La Plata. The peak is referred to as La Plata due to the high presence of silver deposits in its vicinity. The summit measures 4372 meters.


The majority of the tallest points of the Rocky Mountains are located in Colorado. This has made the state a popular destination among tourists, especially those seeking a type of adventure that only the mountains can provide.

The Highest Peaks of the Rocky Mountains

Rank´╗┐NameHeight, Meters (Feet)Province or State
1Mount Elbert4401 (14440)Colorado
2Mount Massive4398 (14428)Colorado
3Mount Harvard4395 (14421)Colorado
4Blanca Peak4374 (14351)Colorado
5La Plata Peak4372 (14343)Colorado
6Uncompahgre Peak4365 (14321)Colorado
7Crestone Peak4359 (14300)Colorado
8Mount Lincoln4356 (14293)Colorado
9Castle Peak4352 (14278)Colorado
10Grays Peak4352 (14278)Colorado
11Mount Antero4351 (14276)Colorado
12Mount Evans4350 (14271)Colorado
13Longs Peak4346 (14259)Colorado
14Mount Wilson4344 (14252)Colorado
15Mount Princeton4329 (14204)Colorado

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