Which Countries Border Saudi Arabia?

The King Fahd Causeway connects Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.
The King Fahd Causeway connects Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is a sovereign nation in the Middle East that occupies a large part of the Arabian Peninsula. Saudi Arabia is the twelfth largest nation in the world by land area. It occupies about 830,000 sq miles and has a population of approximately 33 million people. It is the only Asian nation with coastlines on both the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. Saudi Arabia has the world's second largest oil reserves.


Bahrain is an island state off of the eastern part of Saudi Arabia. Bahrain is the third smallest state in Asia and occupies a land area of about 295.5 sq miles. It has a population of 1,425,171 people. The Gulf of Bahrain (the Persian Gulf’s inlet on the eastern side of Saudi Arabia) separates the two nations. The only crossway between the two countries is the King Fahd Causeway. The Causeway was officially opened to the public in 1986. The idea of this causeway connecting the two states was the outcome of King Saud’s plan of solidifying the connection between the two kingdoms.


Iraq is a West Asian state to the north of Saudi Arabia. Iraq is a federal parliamentary state with nineteen provinces and an autonomous area known as the Iraqi Kurdistan. The Iraqi-Saudi Arabian border is about 505.8 miles long and stretches from Hafar Al-Batin to Turaif. The most important crossing between the two countries is the Arar border crossing.


Jordan is an independent Arab nation that borders Saudi Arabia to the north. It is at the crossroads of Africa, Asia and Europe. It is an almost landlocked state which occupies an area of about 34,495 sq miles. The only crossing of the Jordan-Saudi Arabia border is the Durra Border Crossing (a border crossing between Haqi and Aqaba). Durra crossing is about 174 miles from Tabuk, Saudi Arabia, and 19miles from both Haqi and Aqaba. The checkpoint was created in 1966, but it was upgraded to a full crossing centre with a visa processing service in 1988.


Oman is an Arab state to the southeast of Saudi Arabia. Oman is the seventieth smallest country in the world which occupies an area of about 119,500 sq miles and has a population of over 4,424,762. The only checkpoint on the Oman-Saudi Arabia border is Ramlat Khaliya.

Other Neighbors

Other countries bordering Saudi Arabia that were not mentioned above include Yemen, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates.


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