Which Countries Border India?

The village of Chitkul, known as the "Last Village," due to its location near the India-China border.
The village of Chitkul, known as the "Last Village," due to its location near the India-China border.

India is one of the world's largest countries occupying an area of approximately 1,269,219 square miles. India's history stretches back millennia with human settling in the region for nearly 30,000 years. The shape of India's borders has varied dramatically over the course of the nation's history with the current boundaries being decided on recently during the period when India was a British colony and after it gained its independence in 1947. There are 7 countries that border India.

Countries Bordering India


The border separating India and Pakistan is approximately 1,800 miles long, and it passes through a vast array of terrains extending from cities to deserts. Both India and Pakistan were colonies of Britain, and after each country gained their independence, the border became the most contentious issue between the two countries. The border has been the site of numerous wars between the two states and as a result India installed nearly 150,000 floodlights along the boundary to maintain the region's security.


The world's fifth-longest land border is the one shared by India and Bangladesh at 2,582 miles. The limit was decided after Bangladesh seceded from Pakistan. The most significant issue along the border is the constant smuggling mainly from India to Bangladesh. The Indian government initiated a shoot to kill policy to deter illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.


The border between India and Nepal is approximately 1,092 miles long although the two countries have previously had issues on the exact position of the border. The Kali River was the source of the conflict as neither country could agree on its precise location. Efforts to resolve the issue have proved futile as neither nation has not ratified the border agreement.

Sri Lanka

The shortest border between India and any nation is its 19-mile long border with Sri Lanka. A series of treaties were signed and ratified by both nations between 1974 and 1976 to keep the border region safe. As the border is in the sea, the states have had issues with fishermen from one country fishing in the other countries territorial waters.


The landlocked kingdom of Bhutan shares a 434-mile long boundary with India. The border region has been relatively peaceful as it is the only entry point on land for people and goods to travel to Bhutan due to the tension between China and Bhutan.


India's 66-mile border with Afghanistan is not internationally recognized as it is in the Kashmir region which is currently under Pakistani control. The Indian government continuously claims the territory as Indian land due to the historical ties.


India shares a 2,100 mile long land border with China although control of two regions along the border is heavily contested by the two countries leading to war in 1962. Despite the numerous attempts to resolve the issue, both countries remain in a deadlock due to their military presence in the area.


India shares a 1,009 mile long border with Myanmar across which India is constructing a barrier to reduce the influx of illegal goods from Myanmar. India and Myanmar have plans to join forces and establish a joint border patrol force to maintain security along the border.

Securing National Borders

Borders are a contentious issue for many nations, with many countries around the world in disagreement about their official border with their neighborings. The United Nations Security Council passed a resolution that insisted on the importance of nations securing their borders to deter the movement of terrorists and contraband items across borders. Countries place great significance on their national borders and spend vast sums of money to keep them safe.


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