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Countries That Start With The Letter P

There are 9 countries that start with the letter P.

Nine countries start with the letter "p." The countries are Pakistan, Palau, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Poland, Paraguay, and Portugal. The features, locations, and demography of these nations are discussed in the following section.

Countries That Start With The Letter P


Pakistan is a country located in Asia and is officially called the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It is the only country formed with the Muslim name among the Muslim countries. Pakistan is an industrialized country and a country that relies on agricultural. The country has been under military ruling, political turmoil, and has had neighboring conflicts for a long time. Moreover, Pakistan faces a problem of high population, high unemployment rate, and high risk of terrorist attacks. Due to favorable geographical nature, climate, and diverse cultures, Pakistan is home to wildlife and attracts tourists. It lies between the tropical to a temperate climate. Its coastal region is associated with arid conditions.


Palau is an island found on the west side of the Pacific Ocean. It covers approximately 459 square kilometers and supports a population of around 21,503. Palau is a tropical rainforest climatic zone with heavy rainfall throughout the year. It is mostly affected by the strong winds like typhoon hence some regions like Kayangel were issued with compulsory emergency evacuations.


Panama is the Democratic Republic found in Central America. The economy of Panama mainly relies on trading due to large free trade zones and service industries like banking and tourism. It is the second most competitive economy in Latin America and on the 60th position in the world based on Human Development Index. The unemployment rate in this country is low due to its competitive economy. However, Panama is well known for being vulnerable to terrorist attacks, especially to the pirates because it borders the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean.

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is a country covering the offshore islands in Melanesia and the eastern half of New Guinea island. The area that Papua New Guinea covers is approximately 462,840 square kilometers. The economy of this country relies heavily on the Natural resources like minerals, forest, and marine. Agriculture is the primary source of food in this country. However, Papua New Guinea is unfit for the foreigners to invest in the country because of its poor terrains such as high mountains, valleys, and swamps.


Paraguay is a South American landlocked country bordering Argentina towards the southwest. It borders Bolivia towards the northwest. Paraguay host population of approximately 6.7 million unevenly distributed across the nation. Moreover, the country is industrialized by its mineral industries. There is low unemployment rate since there are favorable laid incentives to attract foreigners to set up industries in the country.


Peru is a South American country bordering Ecuador and Columbia towards the north, Brazil towards the east, Bolivia towards the southeast, Chile towards the south, and the Pacific Ocean towards west. It is fast growing economy because of its exports, equal distribution of income, and low inflation rate. The climate of the country is influenced by tropical latitudes, topographical variations, mountain ranges, and two ocean currents.


The Philippines is a unitary independent nation in Western Pacific Ocean. The population of the country is approximately 103 million and covers around 300,000 square kilometers. The main economic contributor to the economy is tourism. However, there is under development in infrastructure due to rugged terrain and scattered islands. Besides, the country is prone to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. It is also characterized by inland water bodies, mountains, and tropical forests.


Poland is a sovereign country in Central Europe that covers approximately 312,679 square kilometers. It is characterized by mountains, rivers, and geological features that support biodiversity in the country as well as attracting tourists. Other pillars that contribute to the economy of Poland are the exporting of machinery, furniture, food products, shoes, and clothing. The existence of a large number of private farms which reduce the unemployment rate. Poland experiences a temperate climate throughout the year.


Portugal is a well-developed country found in South Western Europe. It covers approximately 92,212 square kilometers with a large population of around 10,309,573. The main activities in the country include agriculture, forestry, and mining.

Similarities and Differences

The countries that that start with letter "p" mostly depend on tourism and agriculture for their economic development. However, this does not mean that they exhibit the same level of economic status. Some of them are economically stable while others are developing economies. Besides, these countries experience varied climatic conditions, have different populations, and are located differently.

Countries That Start With The Letter P

RankCountries That Start With The Letter P
4Papua New Guinea

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