Highest Mountains In Brazil

Brazil's highest peak, Pico da Neblina is often not visible due to cloud cover.
Brazil's highest peak, Pico da Neblina is often not visible due to cloud cover.

Mountains in Brazil have an average elevation of 2,000 meters. These mountains are part of mountain ranges that characterize some parts of Brazil. Mountain ranges in Brazil include the Pedra da Mina, Serra do Espinhaco, Imeri and the Tumucumaque ranges. Some of the Highest Mountains in Brazil are discussed below.

Pico da Neblina

Just shy of 10,000 feet, Pico da Neblina near the Venezuelan border is Brazil’s highest summit. The mountain towers at 9,827 feet. The peak is in the Guiana Highlands in the Serra da Neblina region. The discovery of the mountain was in 1965. The summit is mostly shrouded in clouds, a characteristic reflected in its name, which means ‘Peak of the mists.' The ecosystem of the mountain is mainly unaltered, due to inaccessibility and preservation in two national parks. Present on the mountain are over 200 species of hardwood trees, reptiles such as turtles and caiman snakes and the yellow and blue chested macaw birds. The two national parks are Pico da Neblina National Park in Brazil and Serrania de la Neblina National Park in Venezuela.

Pico 31 de Marco

The Pico 31 de Marco Mountain has an elevation of 9,758 feet and is the second highest mountain in Brazil. The mountain is located in the Amazonas region and is both in Brazil’s and Venezuela’s territories. Flora and fauna in the area are diverse, some of which is yet to be discovered. Bird species include the scarlet macaw and the green winged macaw. Mammals include the spider monkey, giant otter, brown capuchin monkey, sloth, tapir and brown howler monkey. Poisonous snakes, frogs, caiman, iguanas also abound in the region. These animals find habitats in the large forest cover, bromeliads, and orchids in the area. The mountain is in proximity to the Pico da Neblina Mountain and is also within the Pico da Neblina National Park.

Pico da Bandeira

The Pico da Bandeira has a peak that rises to 9,488 feet, and it is the third highest mountain in Brazil. The mountain is situated close to the border of Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo states. The mountain is easily accessible and is a major tourist destination. It is within the Caparao National Park. Species such as jaguar, deer, tapir, and black-fronted piping guan abound in the park. The region is also home to an expanse of Atlantic forest.

Pico do Calcado

The Pico do Calcado is the fourth highest peak in Brazil at an elevation of 9,347 feet, and it lies in the Espirito Santo region. The mountain is relatively easy to climb, with little vegetation and rocks at its summit. The peak is within the Caparao National Pand it is near the Pico do Calcado Mountain.

Mountain Tourism in Brazil

Other high mountains in Brazil, and their respective elevations in feet, include Pedra da Mina (9,180), Pico das Agulhas Negras (9,157), Pico do Cristal (9,088), Monte Roraima (8,970 on the Brazilian part), Pico dos Marins (7,942), and Pico do Barbado (6,670). The mountains have contributed immensely to the country’s tourism sector. Most of the mountains are protected and have a natural beauty that serves to attract thousands of tourists annually.

Highest Mountains In Brazil

RankHighest Mountains in BrazilElevation
1Pico da Neblina9,827 feet
2Pico Trinta e Um de Marco
9,758 feet
3Pico da Bandeira
9,488 feet
4Pico do Calcado9,347 feet
5Pedra da Mina
9,180 feet
6Pico das Agulhas Negras
9,157 feet
7Pico do Cristal
9,088 feet
8Monte Roraima8,970 feet (Brazilian portion)
9Pico dos Marins7,942 feet
10Pico do Barbado
6,670 feet

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