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Map of Virginia
Locator Map of Virginia

  • (1607) Jamestown, first permanent English settlement established; Indians attacked, killed 1, wounded 11; John Smith captured by Indians
  • (1608) More settlers arrived; John Smith released; fire destroyed all the homes
  • (1611) John Rolfe introduces his tobacco seeds
  • (1612) First crop of tobacco exported
  • (1613) Pocahontas captured, brought to Jamestown
  • (1614) John Rolfe and Pocahontas married
  • (1619) 90 women arrived on "brides' ship"; black indentured servants arrived on Dutch ship; first meeting held of Virginia General Assembly
  • (1622) Indian massacre caused the death of 347 colonists, including women and children
  • (1624) King James made Virginia a royal colony
  • (1676) Colonists revolted (Bacon's Rebellion); capitol building and Jamestown settlement burned; Bacon died, supporters hung
  • (1699) Capitol building burned again; town of Williamsburg
  • established, designated as capital
  • (1747) Williamsburg capital destroyed by fire
  • (1754) French and Indian War began; General George Washington led militia into battle
  • (1763) French and Indian War ended
  • (1765) Stamp Act passed by King George III, required colonists to buy stamps for newspapers, calendars, marriage licenses; Patrick Henry spoke against Act
  • (1771) Richmond flooded
  • (1773) Committees of Correspondence established
  • (1774) First Continental Congress meeting held; Virginians George Washington and Patrick Henry attend
  • (1775) Patrick Henry delivered his inspirational speech, ending with "Give me liberty or give me death".
  • (1776) Virginian Thomas Jefferson wrote Declaration of Independence; Virginia adopted first constitution; declared its independence
  • (1779) Capital moved from Williamsburg to Richmond
  • (1781) At Yorktown, British forces under General Charles Cornwallis surrendered to the combined French and American forces serving under the command of General George Washington.
  • (1786) Statute of Religious Freedom passed; gave Virginians right to choose religion, church
  • (1788) Virginia became 10th U. S. state
  • (1789) George Washington elected U. S. President
  • (1801) Thomas Jefferson elected third U. S. President
  • (1804) Meriweather Lewis and William Clark began exploration of western frontier; first Americans to cross continent all the way to Pacific Ocean
  • (1809) James Madison elected fourth U. S. president; known as "Father of the Constitution"
  • (1809) James Monroe elected fifth U. S. president
  • (1809) Nat Turner led slave rebellion against plantation owners; he was captured and hung
  • (1859) John Brown, abolitionist, led group in raid to steal weapons to fight slavery
  • (1861) Virginia seceded from Union, joined Confederacy; Civil War began; first Confederate officer killed at Fairfax Court House; first battle of Manassas, battle of Ball's Bluff, battle of Dranesville
  • (1862) Second battle of Manassas; battle of Chantilly
  • (1863) West Virginia formed from 50 western Virginia counties; battle of Bristoe Station
  • (1865) Civil War ended; Robert E. Lee surrendered to Grant at Appomattox; Lee and troops forced to leave Richmond; setting fire to bridges along the way
  • (1867) Valuable coal deposits discovered
  • (1870) Virginia re-entered Union; second floor room in Capitol building collapsed above chamber of House of Delegates, 62 killed, 251 injured; James River flooded, many lives lost, 20 homes swept away, damages estimated at $1 million
  • (1901) Jim Crow laws passed, segregation created
  • (1902) Maggie Lena Walker opened St. Luke Penny Savings Bank for African-Americans
  • (1913) Woodrow Wilson elected U. S. president; proclaimed second Sunday in May Mother's Day
  • (1920) 19th Amendment passed, women received right to vote
  • (1941 - 1943) Pentagon built in Arlington
  • (1941 - 1948) African-American parents, students fought for busing, equal facilities, equal curricula
  • (1950) Desegregation began, first African-American student attended Law School at University of Virginia
  • (1954) Segregation declared unconstitutional
  • (1959) In an effort to refuse integration, Prince Edward County closed all schools
  • (1964) Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel opened
  • (1981) First American test tube baby born in Norfolk
  • (1989) L. Douglas Wilder became first African-American governor of state
  • (1993) 18 tornadoes struck southeast Virginia in four hours, four people killed, 259 injured, damages of $52.5 million occurred
  • (2003) Over 1 million customers lost electricity due to Hurricane Isabel
  • (2007) 33 students at Virginia Tech massacred by fellow student
  • 400th anniversary of nation's founding held at Jamestown
  • (2007) 400th anniversary of nation's founding held at Jamestown
  • (2009) Sen. Edward (Ted) Kennedy buried at Arlington beside brothers, John and Robert
  • snowstorm killed three, stranded hundreds of motorists
  • (2009) Snowstorm killed three, stranded hundreds of motorists
  • (2010) 11 pirates indicted in Norfolk for attacks on U.S. Navy ships near Somalia
  • (2010) Two members of suspected spy ring, living in Virginia, admitted to being Russian citizens
  • (2011) Two people killed in shooting at Virginia Tech
  • (2011) Earthquake in Virginia damaged buildings in Washington, DC

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