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Uzbekistan Geography

Uzbekistan's Information

Flag of Uzbekistan
Land Area 425,400 km2
Water Area 22,000 km2
Total Area 447,400km2 (#56)
Population 29,473,614 (#44)
Population Density 69.28/km2
Government Type Presidential Republic; Highly Authoritarian
GDP (PPP) $202.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $6,500
Currency Som (UZS)
More Information Uzbekistan
Largest Cities

The topography of Uzbekistan is about 80% sandy, scrubby desert, including the massive Kyzyl Kum.

The mountains of the southeast and northeast are foothills and lower mountains of the Tian Shan Range, an extension of the Himalayas.

The Fergana Valley, between the northeast and southeast mountain ranges, is reportedly home to the most desirable agricultural land and climate in all of western Asia.

In the far west, Uzbekistan is dominated by vast lowlands, the Amu Darya River valley, the Ustyurt Plateau and the southern half of the Aral Sea.

The Aral Sea, located in both Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, is disappearing. Mismanagement of this valuable sea by the overuse of its tributary rivers is now recognized as one of the world's worst environmental disasters.

The most significant rivers of Uzbekistan include the Amu Darya and Syr Darya; major lakes include Lake Ayddrkul and Lake Sarykamish.

Uzbekistan's highest point is Adelunga Toghi at 10,298 ft. (4,301 m).

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