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United Arab Emirates Facts

United Arab Emirates's Information

Flag of United Arab Emirates
Land Area 83,600 km2
Total Area 83,600km2 (#113)
Population 5,927,482 (#111)
Population Density 70.90/km2
Government Type Federation Of Monarchies
GDP (PPP) $667.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $67,700
Currency Dirham (AED)
Largest Cities
  • Name: United Arab Emirates
  • Capital City: Abu Dhabi (896,751 pop.)
  • UAE Population: 5,473,972 (2013 est.)
  • World Populations (all countries)
  • Currency: Emirati Dirham (AED)
    (conversion rates)

    20 dirham
  • Ethnicity: Emirati 19%, other Arab and Iranian 23%, South Asian 50%, other expatriates (includes Westerners and East Asians) 8%

    note: less than 20% are UAE citizens
  • GDP total: $271.2 billion (2012 est.)
  • GDP per capita: $49,000 (2012 est.)
  • Land Sizes
  • Language: Arabic (official), Persian, English, Hindi
  • Largest Cities: (by population) Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain, Ajman, Ras al Khaymah
  • Name: unknown
  • National Day: December 2
  • Religion: Muslim 96% (Shia 16%), other (includes Christian, Hindu) 4%
  • Symbols
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