Which States Border Missouri?

Missouri is bordered by eight states.
Missouri is bordered by eight states.

Missouri is a landlocked state in the Midwestern United States. It is the 18th most populous in the country with approximately six million individuals residing in it. It is the 21st largest US state by area. The largest cities in Missouri are St Louis, Kansas City, and Springfield while Jefferson City is the state capital. Missouri and Tennessee are the only two states that share boundaries with a record eight states. Missouri is bordered by Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Nebraska, and Illinois. The southern and northern borders are straight, but the Missouri Bootheel extends south into Arkansas. The Mississippi River marks the eastern borderline.

Which States Border Missouri?


Missouri shares its entire northern boundary with Iowa. Highway 29 connects St Joseph, Missouri to Sioux City, Iowa while highway 35 connects Kansas City, Missouri to Des Moines Iowa. Border towns include Lamoni and Hamburg in Iowa and Unionville and Grant City in Missouri


Missouri shares the western boundary with Kansas. The two states are connected by Interstate 70 that runs through St Louis and Kansas City. Kansas City, Missouri is four miles from Kansas City, Kansas.


Missouri shares the southwestern boundary with Oklahoma. The two states are connected by Interstate 44 that connects St Louis and Springfield to Tulsa and Oklahoma City. Joplin city is five miles from Oklahoma.


Missouri borders Arkansas to the south. Border towns include Corning and Rogers in Arkansas, and Thayer, Malden, and Branson in Missouri. Interstate bypass 540 connects Missouri and Arkansas, stretching from Joplin to Alma. State roads 71, 67, 65 and 63 also connect the two states. Missouri and Arkansas share the Chain-O-Lakes.

Tennessee and Kentucky

Kentucky and Tennessee converge on the southeastern border of Missouri. Tennessee connects to Missouri through Interstate bypass 155 that stretch from Hayti to Dyersburg. Cooter and Marston are the border towns in Missouri. Interstate 57 connects Charleston Missouri to Marion Kentucky.


Missouri borders Nebraska to the Northwest. The city of Omaha, Nebraska, is 50 miles from the boundary while St Joseph is the largest Missouri border town. Interstate 29 connects the two urban settlements.


Missouri borders Illinois to the east. The two states are connected by Interstate 64 that runs across Illinois to St Louis and by Interstate 70, which stretch from Indianapolis through Illinois to St Louis.

History of Missouri

The US acquired the territory of Missouri from France during the Louisiana Purchase of 1803, but it was not until August 1821, that it joined the Union. Although it is a Midwestern state, Missouri is historically a border state meaning that it did not secede from the Union during the American Civil War.


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