Which Countries Border Zambia?

Victoria Falls is located on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe.
Victoria Falls is located on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Zambia is an African country situated in the southern part of the continent. Zambia is one of the few countries in Africa that do not have a coastline, also known as landlocked countries. A total of eight nations border Zambia and they include Angola, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Namibia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique, Malawi, and Botswana. The international border the country shares with the Democratic Republic of the Congo is the longest of all its international borders, as it stretches 1,449 miles. In contrast, the country’s border with Botswana is its shortest, with a length of less than one mile and is also the shortest international border between two countries in Africa.


Tanzania is located to the northeast of Zambia, with the two countries sharing a long land border. The Tanzania-Zambia border starts at the tri-point connecting the two countries and the DRC, from where it extends southeastwards to the Zambia-Tanzania-Malawi tri-point. Among the busiest border crossings found on the Tanzania-Zambia border is the Tunduma-Nakonde border post that links Tanzania’s town of Tunduma to the town of Nakonde in Zambia. This border crossing facilitates thousands of cross-border movements and collects millions of dollars in revenue each year.

The Democratic Republic of Congo

North of Zambia is the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a country with which it shares a long border. The international border between the two countries is 1,449 miles in length, the longest Zambia shares with another country. The tri-point linking the two nations to Angola represents the starting point of the border, from where it extends eastwards, until the Tanzania-DRC-Zambia tri-point in Lake Tanganyika. One region that was the subject of an international territorial dispute between the two countries is the Congo Pedicle, a salient on the international border. The entire region is under the administration of the Democratic Republic of Congo despite part of it extending into Zambia territory. Nonetheless, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Zambia have not experienced any conflict due to the Congo Pedicle, but it was at the center of a tug of war between the former colonial powers, Britain and Belgium. The European powers established the pedicle during the Scramble for Africa in the 19th century, and numerous treaties were signed by Great Britain and Belgium to solve the territorial dispute. There are several border crossings on the DRC-Zambia border, with one of the busiest being the Kasumba Lesa border post. The border post has experienced increased traffic and recently underwent expansion works to facilitate the thousands of cross-border movements recorded each day. Thousands of refugees from the DRC have crossed the border in recent years, fleeing the civil strife in the Haut-Katanga Province.


Malawi is one of Zambia’s bordering countries, situated east of Zambia. The two countries share a long land border, one that stretches about 520 miles in length, the third longest one Zambia shares with a country. The tri-point connecting Zambia, Tanzania, and Malawi acts as the starting point of the border and extend south to the Zambia-Malawi-Mozambique tri-point. There are several border posts found along the international border, including the Hewe-Katumbi border post and the Kanyala-Chipita border crossing. However, the busiest border crossing is the Mwami-Mchinji border post. Due to the border post’s significance, both Zambia and Malawi have agreed to establish a One Stop Border Post at the Mwami-Mchinji border post with modern facilities and reduced border stops. Both countries have also agreed to properly demarcate the international border, and establish beacons along the border, whose cost will be met by the two countries. These agreements are in line with the intentions of the two countries to boost their bilateral trade.


Southeast of Zambia is Botswana, one of its bordering countries. The international border between the two countries is the shortest not only in Africa but the entire world, as it stretches less than a mile in length. Starting at the tri-point connecting the two countries with Namibia, the border extends east to the Zimbabwe-Zambia-Botswana tri-point, moving along the Zambezi River. The sole border crossing found on the international border is the Kazungula border crossing, an extremely busy border crossing that witness thousands of cross-border movements each month. On the border post is a ferry, the Kazungula Ferry that transports people and cargo across the border. Border security on the crossing is strict to prevent illegal smuggling of goods across the Botswana-Zambia border. The border post also features a customs office where customs officials check the legal documents of the people crossing. Some of the fees paid at the border post include carbon tax for vehicles, road tax, and council tax all worth a few dollars.


Angola is situated west of Zambia and shares a long land border with the country. The international border stretches 690 miles making it the second longest border that Zambia shares with another country. The tri-point connecting Zambia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Angola represent the start of the border, from where it stretches south to the Zambia-Angola-Namibia tri-point. The international border features numerous border posts. One border post on the border is the Chavuma border post that links the town of Chavuma in Zambia with the town of Caripande in Angola. Near the border post is the similarly-named Chavuma Falls, a prime tourist spot that is only a few miles away.


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