What Is The Capital Of Zambia?

The train station at Lusaka, Zambia.
The train station at Lusaka, Zambia.

The capital city of Zambia is Lusaka. It is one of southern Africa’s most rapidly developing cities. The city has a population of about 1.7 million. As of 2010. Lusaka is surrounded by productive farming areas. It acts as the political and commercial hub of the nation.

Where Is The Capital Of Zambia Located?

Lusaka is based in the southern part of Zambia’s central plateau. The city is based at an altitude of about 4,198 feet. The flat grasslands forming the landscape of Lusaka supports many farms.

How And When Did Lusaka Become The Capital Of Zambia?

The site that is now part of the thriving city of Lusaka was originally occupied by a village whose headsman’s name was Lusaka. The village was based at the Manda Hill which is close to where the National Assembly building of modern Zambia currently stands. With the construction of the railways by the British, the settlement started to expand rapidly, beginning in 1905. In 1935, the British shifted their capital of the Northern Rhodesia colony from Livingstone to Lusaka. In 1964, the city was designated as the capital of Zambia, a newly independent nation.

Today, Lusaka lures a large number of Zambians, foreign immigrants, and tourists. The central location of the city and the rapidly expanding infrastructure hold great promise for the future. It is the seat of the different branches of the government and hosts a diverse population.

Climate Of Lusaka

The climate of Lusaka can be described as a humid subtropical climate. The city experiences hot summers and warm winters. The two major seasons are the dry and wet seasons with the former lasting from April to October. The city receives an average annual precipitation of 836mm.

The Demographics Of The Capital City Of Zambia

Lusaka is home to several Bantu-speaking ethnic groups who constitute the majority of the city’s population. A large section of the country’s population also include foreigners from other African nations as well as other parts of the world who come to the city for business, or as diplomats. English serves as the official language. Catholicism is the major religion of Lusaka.

The Economy Of The Capital City Of Zambia

The capital of Zambia, Lusaka, is one of the important commercial hubs of the country. The city has cement, shoes, and textile manufacturing industries. Food processing is also a major industry here. Beef, hides, dairy products, cotton, and tobacco are the other important products. The four major highways of the country radiate from the city.

How To Reach Lusaka?

The Kenneth Kaunda International Airport and the Lusaka City Airport are the two major airports located in the city. The former is connected to international destinations while the latter is used by the Zambian Air Force. Bus services connect Lusaka to surrounding towns and villages. Minibuses, other buses, and shared taxis act as the chief modes of intracity communication.


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