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Mass Shootings In The US By Total Victims

When it comes to the worse mass shootings in the US, we often thing of the Aurora theater shooting in number of victimes and Columbine High School massacre which changed the United States forever.

Mass shootings in the U.S have become a common occurrence. Just when people think that they have seen the worst, another happens and in a more devastating fashion. In no other country are there incidences of mass shootings more than the United States. Some people have blamed it on the easy access to guns while others think that bad people have simply found a way to let out their frustrations. Whatever the case, it is apparent that the shootings will continue to happen unless something drastic is done. The assailants have continued to target high crowd areas like schools and theaters where it's easy to get a high number of casualties with minimal resistance because people in these places do not usually carry guns.

Notable Mass Shootings

On June 12, 2016, gunman started shooting inside Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, United States. The shooting resulted in 50 deaths, including the gunman, and 53 were injured. The attack was the deadliest mass shooting by a single gunman and the deadliest incident of violence against LGBT people in US history.

The shootings have been spread across the United States over the years. From New York to California, different states have had their fair share of mass shootings. The Aurora theater shooting, which happened in Colorado, left 12 people dead and 58 others injured. These people had innocently gone to watch the local premier of the Batman movie "The Dark Knight Rises" only for them to be met with gunshots. It was a sad end to an evening that was meant to be fun-filled and enjoyable.

The attack on Virginia Tech was probably one of the worst incidents in the history of mass shootings in the United States. A student opened fire on fellow students, taking the lives of 33 of them and wounding 23. The attacks were two hours apart and he ended up taking his own life after the second incident. There are many questions that can be asked from this particular incident. First of all, two hours is a very long duration for one person to be shooting up a college without confrontation. Was the law enforcement response time too slow? Didn't the Virginia Tech have its own security personnel to take him down? Weren't there any students brave enough to confront him since even if he had a gun, he was just one person against many?

In the Long Island Rail Road massacre, the shooter killed six passengers and wounded 19 others before being confronted and stopped by the other passengers. He was later sentenced to life in prison. This only goes to prove that if the same had been done in the other schools and colleges shootings, maybe fewer lives would have been lost. The assailants continue to pick on schools and colleges because of the supposed inability by the students to defends themselves. They also take advantage of the ensuing commotion after a couple of shots to get as many targets as possible.

Trends In Mass Shootings

These trends will continue unless school authorities plan their securities in readiness for such happenings. America has had issues with gun control and as the debate for and against continues, the problem seems to be getting out of hand with the number of such incidences on the rise. Is it possible to learn from history and prevent future attacks? Only time will tell.

Mass Shootings In The US By Total Victims

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RankMass ShootingFatalitiesInjured
1Orlando nightclub shooting (Orlando, Florida, 2016)5053
2Aurora theater shooting (Aurora, Colorado, 2012)1258
3Virginia Tech massacre (Blacksburg, Virginia, 2007)3323
4Luby's massacre (Killeen, Texas, 1991)2420
5Fort Hood massacre (Fort Hood, Texas, 2009)1330
6San Ysidro McDonald's massacre (San Ysidro, California, 1984)2219
7Columbine High School massacre (Littleton, Colorado, 1999)1524
8Stockton schoolyard shooting (Stockton, California, 1989)629
9Newtown school shooting (Newtown, Connecticut, 2012)282
10Thurston High School shooting (Springfield, Oregon, 1998)425
11Air Force base shooting (Fairchild Air Force Base, Washington, 1994)523
12Northern Illinois University shooting (DeKalb, Illinois, 2008)621
13Long Island Rail Road massacre (Garden City, New York, 1993)619
14Atlanta day trading spree killings (Atlanta, Georgia, 1999)913
15Washington Navy Yard shooting (Washington, D.C., 2013)138
16Standard Gravure shooting (Louisville, Kentucky, 1989)912
17United States Postal Service shooting (Edmond, Oklahoma, 1986)156
18Shopping centers spree killings (Palm Bay, Florida, 1987)614
19Tucson shooting (Tucson, Arizona, 2011)613
20Umpqua Community College shooting (Roseburg, OR, 2015)99
21Binghamton shootings (Binghamton, New York, 2009)144

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