Easiest Countries To Track Shipments

Efficiently shipping, tracking, and receiving goods is import to logistics for businesses globally.
Efficiently shipping, tracking, and receiving goods is import to logistics for businesses globally.

One of the most important concerns for businesses today is the shipment and delivery of ordered goods. Nearly everything we buy and sell has, at some point, been transported from one location to another by air, sea, or land. Consignment tracking is an integral part of the modern commerce transportation industry. Being able to accurately track the location and status of ordered goods electronically from the time of purchase to delivery allows both businesses and consumers to access the same information, resulting in greater control, efficiency and peace of mind for both parties

Tracking functionality is a vital tool in international commerce. The most advanced consignment tracking systems are fully integrated, and all pertinent details of each package can be accessed simply by typing in its tracking number. Each stage in shipment is documented, and in the event of a problem, a trace can be performed to determine what happened, ensure the goods will reach their intended recipient, and allow for future improvements to efficiency and reliability of transportation systems.

Countries with the most reliable consignment tracking histories include Germany, the United States, Ireland, Belgium, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. These countries each have earned a score of 4.07 or better on the World Bank and Turku School of Economics Consignment Tracking Index. Sweden, Canada, Japan and Austria are ranked slightly behind, but all four countries have a score of nearly 4.0. The efficiency of these countries' consignment tracking systems can be attributed to a number of factors, including strong international trading relationships, successful public and private consignment shipping businesses and well developed transportation infrastructures.


Japan has an efficient, streamlined, and financially successful shipping industry. State-owned Japan Post Holdings was ranked 6th in the 2010 Fortune Global 500. Its four main divisions, including the Japan Post Service, generated over $200 billion in 2009. The Japan Post shipping company has plans emerge from its previous status as a state-owned mail monopoly to a fully private enterprise in the near future.

The British Isles

These countries off the west coast of Mainland Europe benefit from two highly reliable shipping enterprise sectors, one being public and the other private. Royal Mail is England's state-owned postal service, serving the country and its trade associates for more than 600 years. Parcelforce Worldwide is the UK's largest private shipping service, delivering more than a million packages a day across Europe and beyond.

Mainland Europe

The Netherlands hosts one of Europe's largest shipping companies. Originally named TNT NV, the company split into two entities. These are PostNL, devoted to general mail services within Europe, and TNT Express, which provides road and air delivery services to locations around the world. The Berlin-based Schenker AG employs 91,000 employees in 2,400 offices worldwide. It was once ranked first in European land transport and second in global air transport. But DHL Express in Bonn has surpassed it in rankings. Employing 500,000 people, DHL is the second-most successful shipping service in the world

North America

Four of the top ten global shipping enterprises are based in the United States. These include YRC Worldwide of Overland, Park, Kansas, The United States Postal Service, the FedEx Corporation, and the world's top ranked shipping service, United Parcel Service (UPS) Incorporated.

Easiset Countries For Businesses To Track Consignments

RankCountryWorld Bank & Turku School of Economics Consignment Tracking Index (1=Worst; 5=Best)
2United States4.14
5United Kingdom4.08

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