If a virus continues to spread, so many people will get infected that the virus will be unable to find new hosts.

What Is Herd Immunity?

Herd immunity is when an adequate percentage of a population becomes immune to an infectious disease.

March 22, 2020 17:43

An example of what Pangea may have looked like.

What Is Pangea?

300 million years ago, Earth only had one supercontinent called Pangea.

March 20, 2020 20:20

An apple store in Shanghai. Editorial credit: ThewayIsee /

The History Of Apple. Inc

You may be holding an iPhone or on a MacBook. Learn about how Apple. Inc created an empire below.

March 18, 2020 19:26

The Indian Ocean is the warmest ocean while the Arctic Ocean is the coldest. Photo by Larisa Birta on Unsplash

What Ocean Is The Warmest?

The Indian Ocean is the warmest ocean on Earth with average temperatures between 72 to 82°F.

March 16, 2020 04:54

Imagine being so far up you can see our planet the way you never saw it before.

What Is The Earth Overview Effect?

The earth overview effect, a term coined by Frank White, is a very specific cognitive moment a person can experience, that later affects how life itself is viewed.

March 14, 2020 13:30

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