Where Is The World's Largest Starbucks?

One the largest Starbucks in the world is located in Tokyo, Japan. Photo by Andy Xu on Unsplash
One the largest Starbucks in the world is located in Tokyo, Japan. Photo by Andy Xu on Unsplash
  • Chicago is the sixth city to open a Starbucks reserve roastery.
  • The Windy City reserve roastery is 35,000 square feet, making it the world's largest Starbucks.
  • The roastery offers a unique, variety of coffee flavors from around the globe.

There's no question that Starbucks is the biggest coffee chain in the world. Millions of people turn to it for various coffee and tea flavors, as well as delicious pastries and sandwiches.

There are several branch locations in New York, Seattle, Milan and Shanghai. There is even a larger one that recently opened in Chicago. However, where exactly is the world's largest Starbucks location of them all? Let us examine this location and everything you need to know about it.

Initially, the largest Starbucks was found in the city of Tokyo, Japan. This location was the fifth of its kind, equipped with an industrial roaster that produces 750 tons of coffee per year. The location opened early last year.

Impressive Locations

Starbucks originated in Seattle. Photo by RR Abrot on Unsplash

The four-story roastery is approximately 32,000 square feet and sits along Tokyo's Nakameguro neighborhood. The stunning location allows visitors to catch a beautiful view of the Meguro River that is beside it. While that is an impressive Starbucks location, it wasn't until several months later, a brand new one actually topped that. In November 2019, a new Starbucks roastery opened in Chicago, Illinois. At 35,000 square feet, this Windy City location makes it the new world's largest location in the world.

Braving the Cold

The five-floor roastery opened to a large capacity of people on the corner of Michigan and Erie on Chicago's Magnificient Mile. Fans of the world-famous coffee were braving the cold temperatures to get a glimpse of the breathtakingly massive location. The location offers a wide selection of unique, sought after coffee flavors from around the globe. If you want to get yourself an espresso, the average cost of one is $4.50.

What is also extraordinary about this location is that it has a bronze-colored metal cask that stands in the center of the shop. This 56-foot cask is filled with coffee beans throughout the roastery. A cool, curved escalator encircles the cask and is the first of its kind in the Midwest.

This news makes Chicago only the sixth city to open a Starbucks reserve roastery, behind Tokyo, New York, Seattle, Milan, and Shanghai. The flagship location employed 188 people to work there. This brings the total amount of Starbucks employees across other locations in Chicago to be over 8,000 people. This just shows their franchises are truly a productive workforce.

Stunning Mural

Another awesome feature of the new world's largest Starbucks is the beautiful mural next to the fire escape stairs. Painted by artist Eulogio Ortega, the four-story mural took two months to be painted. It reportedly took the artist a month to come up with the idea, which is known as "the story of coffee."

Many people from around the world have visited this massive new location. It doesn't show any signs of slowing down, too. Located at Chicago's Magnificient Mile, the architecture of this building is quite impressive. The gorgeous reserve roastery is certainly an overwhelming sight to see. So the next time you visit Chicago, come and take a peek at what is officially the largest Starbucks in the world.     



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